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"The people closest to me would describe me as sweet, trustworthy, sincere, intelligent and loyal. Because of my appearance, others sometimes expect me to be arrogant, but I am far from that. I am very calm, gentle and caring. My attitude towards life is open and positive. That makes me a great conversation partner; I like to listen, I am curious about you and ask about the things that are still unknown to me. I would like to embark on a new adventure with you in which we discover everything about each other!"

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James, a gorgeous and impressive, university educated, blonde adonis, is passionate about traveling, fitness and fine dining accompanied by amazing wines. This sexy stud is ready for new adventures with a special someone! James graces everyone with his all-Dutch charm, elegance, masculine body and courteous manners.

He is the James Bond of male escorts; handsome, sophisticated, charming and intelligent. He will easily allow you to forget the world around you and get lost on an adventure with him. James is well-traveled and his versatility promotes his love of being casual outdoors in nature as much going out for a stylish night on the town. James has a flirtatious demeanor, positive attitude, and adaptability allow him to smoothly navigate social situations while allowing everyone around to him feel comfortable and have a great time. He always makes friends wherever he goes, sharing his kind heart and genuine smile with all. Whether you are enjoying a glass of wine at sunset or are in the midst of a hectic nightclub, James will make you feel as special as you deserve. If you’re in the mood to spend time with a stunningly handsome man, who will captivate your heart and mind, check out James.


Our high class gigolos offer a boyfriend Experience, that is romantic, sensual and passionate. Sometimes, with the right connection, our gigolos are open to extra services. Below you can find more information about the erotic preferences of the gigolo.

This gigolo has a special talent for G-spot stimulation and it is his fantasy to further explore threesomes with (lesbian) couples.

This gigolo is heterosexual and available for:

Erotic preferences

Ultimate BFE
Naughty and rough
Depends on the mood
Erotic BDSM
Sensual and playful

Special services

Special Duos, Kinky fetish party



The Netherlands and worldwide
Student, Economics




Fair complexion
Short and blonde
Athletic and muscular
182 CM
78 KG
Clothing size
Most beautiful feature
Muscular body


Champagne, red wine, sparkling water
Japanese, French, Indonesian, Italian
Y Men (Yves Saint Laurent)


Special Clients

Likes & dislikes


Our rates are all inclusive, no surprise extra charges will be added to the rate. Travel expenses up to 150 km in the Netherlands and 21% VAT are also included in our rates. The rates below are available when booked in advance.

Standard Rates

2 hours
€ 500
3 hours
€ 700
4 hours
€ 900
5 hours
€ 1050
6 hours
€ 1200
7 hours
€ 1350
8 hours
€ 1500
10 hours
€ 1700
12 hours
€ 1900
14 hours
€ 2050
16 hours
€ 2200
20 hours
€ 2450
24 hours
€ 2700
36 hours
€ 3350
48 hours
€ 3950
Extra 12 hours
€ 550
Extra 24 hours
€ 1000

Dinner Date & Overnight Rates

Dinner dates and Overnights in the Netherlands are available at a discounted rate. In case of a Dinner Date at least the first half of the booking is spent on lunch or dinner. With an Overnight booking, you will spend at least 12 hours and the night together with your escort. Your booking will end after 6.00 in the morning and the escort can sleep undisturbed for at least 5 hours.

4 hours
€ 800
5 hours
€ 900
6 hours
€ 1050
7 hours
€ 1200
8 hours
€ 1350
10 hours
€ 1500
12 hours
€ 1700
14 hours
€ 1850
16 hours
€ 2000
20 hours
€ 2200

Extension Rates

We offer the following options for extending your booking.

During the first half of your booking

You can extend your booking in advance and during the first half of the original booking duration to any desired duration. You only pay for the price difference of the longer booking duration within the same rate category.

From the second half of your booking

You can extend your booking from the second half of the original booking duration at the following rates:

1 hours extra
€ 250
2 hours extra
€ 450
3 hours extra
€ 650
4 hours extra
€ 850

For more extra hours see the rate for the same duration of the Standard Rates.

Special Packages

Couples Club

: Visit a couples club or erotic party with your escort. An exciting experience to explore your innermost fantasies. A surcharge applies.

Gigolo for Couples

: We also offer heterosexual male escorts and gigolos who enjoy meeting (M/F) couples for an exciting threesome. A surcharge applies.

Special Duos

: We offer several special duo options with a male escort gigolo and female escort. A discount may apply.

Kinky fetish party

: Visit and erotic and kinky fetish party with a high class escort for the ultimate naughty experience. A surcharge applies.

Rate Information

Bookings of 2 hours are possible in the following area's: Randstad area (Amsterdam, Schiphol, The Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht), Amersfoort, Hilversum, Almere, Alkmaar and Hoorn. All other area's require a higher minimum booking.

More information about payment methods can be found here. Our Terms & Conditions apply to all bookings.


The availability of gigolo James is on request only. A minimum notice of at least a day is recommended, but at least 4 hours notice is required.

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