High class escort in Amsterdam

When we first started Society Service in 2006, our office was in Rotterdam. It is a city that will always remain dear to us for its vibrant business life and international opportunities. Our main office is still based in Rotterdam but we have expanded to Amsterdam in 2010 with an additional office.

We know this city like no other and are your perfect choice when you are looking for a high class escort in Amsterdam. We offer exclusive Dutch escorts throughout The Netherlands and also in Amsterdam. A large part of our escorts is even based in or near Amsterdam and therefore available on rather short notice. They could reach your hotel or private residence in approximately 2 hours. Our other escorts are also available in Amsterdam but due to the travel time it might take them an hour longer to reach you.

Girlfriend Experience with a Dutch escort

We provide much more than just sex. You can find this basic ‘service’ for a much lower fee elsewhere. We offer a very specific type of high class escort. An escort who is able to stimulate your mind, your body and your soul! We have selected the finest, stunningly beautiful, eloquent, charming, sexy, sweet, intelligent and adventurous escorts to please and entertain our unique clientele. The ultimate Girlfriend Experience (GFE). In addition to offering female escorts, we also offer heterosexual male escorts or gigolos for a Boyfriend Experience.

A high end escort in Amsterdam for any occasion

Whether you need a companion for a cocktail party, business trip, sporting event, romantic dinner, theatre, a joyful holiday or a relaxing erotic evening at your hotel, we will help you choose the best high class escort possible for your needs.

Some more information about Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of The Netherlands (Holland). Amsterdam is located in the North-Holland province and the Northern part of the Randstad. This financial and cultural city is one of the most historical and romantic cities in the world, perfect for you and your Society Service Amsterdam escort to enjoy.

For your stay in Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport and the cities surrounding Amsterdam (Haarlem, Hilversum, Naarden, Bussum, Almere, Zandvoort, Hoorn, etc.) we have some advice.

Your stay in Amsterdam

Our high class escorts can visit you at your home (private residence) or hotel in Amsterdam. Finding the right location is subject to your personal preferences and for that reason we can not tell you what the best hotel for your escort booking is. We have however put together some general advice on how to select the best location for your escort booking. You may also find these websites useful:

There is an enormous choice of amazing restaurants in Amsterdam. Our high class escorts very much enjoy romantic Dinner Dates or other fun things in Amsterdam. Most escorts prefer a modern and romantic restaurant with International-Italian-French cuisine and somewhat more luxurious atmosphere. The profile of each escort includes the favorite cuisine. You are welcome to search for a suitable restaurant yourself, but you can also read more about our personal recommendations for dinner here.

Daytime activity suggestions in Amsterdam

When you enjoy doing something together with your high class escort during the day in Amsterdam, we have the following suggestions for you:

Evening activity suggestions in Amsterdam

When you enjoy doing something together with your high class escort during the evening in Amsterdam, we have the following suggestions for you:

Last but not least, this website contains many suggestions which you can easily find with our convenient search function. You can view our suggestions for Schiphol and Amsterdam.