A sexual roleplay with your high class escort

Sexual role play scenarios have been around for as long as people have been able to use their imaginations. Sometimes you might want to escape reality and pretend to be someone else. Often based on (long cherished) fantasies, encounters that feature erotic storylines and fictional personalities can be lots of fun. All the world is a stage and so is the bedroom.

Role playing is a great way to initiate a little extra excitement. The art of role-play can enhance sexual intimacy and help you explore hidden erotic inclinations. Our high class escorts are more than happy to set the scene and provide pleasure in the most unique and imaginative ways.

Roleplay suggestions

Secretary and boss, stewardess and traveller, french maid, schoolgirl and teacher, housewife and handyman, police officer and bad boy/girl, sinful nun, headmistress, sex with a stranger, doctor and patient, religious scenarios (naughty nun, moslima, alter boy/girl), prisoner and prison ward, seduce the princess, cheating housewife and so much more.

Unavailable roleplays

Our high class escorts are not available for roleplay scenarios which simulate an illegal activity. Examples of this are rape play or other violent roleplays and incestueus scenarios such as a roleplay where the escort pretends to be a young child with a mommy or daddy figure.

There is no surcharge for this extra service, but a tip for the extra efforts and preparation time will always be appreciated by your escort.