Our policy when it comes to reviews

As you may already know, we strive to be as open and transparant as possible. In our opinion, this benefits the experience with our escortservice. However, our escorts' desire for privacy and confidentiality is more important. For this reason, we ask that our clients do not publish reviews which contain personal details about the escort or very graphic sexual details. In addition, we have found many online review boards to be unreliable as they often include fake reviews.

Reviews about our high class escortservice

With some special exceptions, we do not post reviews on our website about our high class escorts. That is because they are highly subjective, require confidentiality and are always a result of the interaction between client and escort. The personal nature of this type of endeavor will result in a different experience per client, yet the experience with us as an escortservice should be more consistent throughout. So that is what we will list below; the experiences our clients say they have had with our escortservice. 

Suggestions, feedback and complains

Even though we and our escorts do our very best, it can unfortunately happen that you are not completely satisfied with our escort service. We would like to ask you to share your feedback and suggestions with us, this is the most important way in which we can further perfect our services. We will always take your feedback and suggestions seriously, even if we cannot honor every request. If your suggestion leads to an improvement of our services, we will reward you. Feedback - or worse; complaints - is never a reason for (partial) refund.