The Pornstar Experience (PSE)

The escorts of our high class escortservice all offer a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) and Boyfriend Experience (BFE), which focuses on creating a romantic and intimate erotic experience. Some of our escorts also offer a so-called Pornstar Experience which is far more naughty, uninhibited, rough and active porn-style sex. 

The majority of both men and women watch porn at least once a week. With porn being so accessible and often viewed, it is no wonder many people fantasize about having an experience similar to what you see in many porn movies. Some of our escorts offer this experience.

What is a Pornstar Experience (PSE)?

In general, the Pornstar Experience focusses more on the naughty, rough and passionate, while the Girlfriend Experience and Boyfriend Experience focusses more on the romantic and sensual. In general, the man will be in a more dominant position than the woman with a Pornstar Experience. The extent to which an escort is available for a Pornstar Experience can be found with the erotic preferences in the profile, however this extra service is never guaranteed.

Which erotic activities should I think about?

A Pornstar Experience (PSE) can include things like more active and adventurous sex positions, deep throat oral sex, loud sex with dirty talk, intense kissing, spanking, hair pulling, using sex toys, anal play and naughty kinky outfits. However, the exact activities depend on your preferences and those of the escort. Although the sexual experience of this service may resemble a porn movie, taking video's or pictures of any kind during a booking is strictly prohibited.

Some rules and guidelines for the Pornstar Experience

A Pornstar Experience is very intimate

Please do not confuse the Pornstar Experience with an emotionless experience, without any form of introduction. This is not what our escorts offer, at all. If anything, the Pornstar Experience is extremely intimate and uninhibited, and therefore requires the type of trust relationship which cannot be built in a few minutes. Your escort will only be able to offer the Pornstar Experience if the escort is completely comfortable with you, and has gotten the opportunity to get to know you a little. This can rarely be offered on a first booking, let alone within a short booking. So please take your time to get to know your escort and make the escort feel comfortable.

Special preferences, such as BDSM (dominant or submissive), A-levels (anal sex), Pornstar Experience, fetish & fantasy, etcetera are never possible with our newest escorts, even if you as a client are already familiar with our escort service.

Our escorts offer safe sex only

Unlike what you see in porn movies, our high class escorts offer safe sex only. Any vaginal, anal or oral sex is done with protection. Services such as OWO, CIM and CIF are not offered by our escorts.

Talk about your preferences and fantasies

In addition to getting to know each other to make each other feel comfortable, it's also important to discuss your fantasies with your escort. Please take your time to talk about what it is that you like, what do you like about the Pornstar Experience, what made you choose this particular service? Discuss both your likes and dislikes as well as those of the escort. This might avoid some awkward discussions in the heat of the moment. And remember; No means No. No discussion.