General information for the location of your escort booking

In each escort’s profile, you'll find details about their location and travel scope. While many of our escorts are available for international bookings, some are limited to (a part of) the Netherlands. Whether you're in a small village or a large city, we can accommodate your booking needs.

To ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience, we have a few basic requirements for booking locations:

  • The location must be clean and well-maintained.
  • Fresh bed linen, ample towels, and soap should be provided.
  • The location should include a bedroom suitable for two, a seating area, and a private bathroom with a shower and/or bath, and a toilet.

In addition to these requirements, here are some tips to enhance your booking experience:

  • Food and drinks: Our escorts would like to get to know you better while enjoying something tasty to eat and drink, also with shorter bookings. Does your hotel offer room service? If not, make sure you prepare some refreshments in advance and offer your escort something besides tap water.
  • Seating: While you get to know the escort better, where will you sit? Make sure that the facilities are sufficient for both of you to sit comfortably at a location other than the bed. A seat with two chairs is sufficient, a comfortable sofa is better.
  • Going out together: What is there to do in the vicinity? Is there a nice bar in the hotel you book? Are there good restaurants nearby? Is the area suitable for a relaxing nature or city walk?
  • Atmospheric ambience: A pleasant temperature (around 21 degrees) is recommended, as well as subtle lighting and soft background music. An interior that is opulent, romantic or trendy will be more atmospheric than a very basic interior with hard (fluorescent) lighting.
  • Luxury bathroom: Our escorts love to relax with you in a warm bath and shower at the end of the booking. If possible, choose a location with a toilet separate from the bathroom!

When selecting your location, consider whether it fosters a romantic and intimate experience. For more details, we refer to our previous blog about locations for your escort booking.

Escortservice at your hotel

Most bookings occur in hotels. There is a mutual desire for discretion, your escort will never disclose the nature of her visit but announce herself as your guest. The escort can visit you like any other guest, such as your colleague, friend or partner. Our high class escorts can visit you in any four-star or higher hotels. Bookings in lower-star hotels are generally not possible, but exceptions can sometimes be made for luxurious room types.

Many hotels require a keycard for elevator access. Therefore, please meet your escort in the lobby near the elevators. Direct room visits are only recommended if no keycard is needed, to maintain privacy for both parties. Alternatively, you could meet your escort in the hotel bar or lounge and get acquainted here over drinks, before returning to your room. This is a requirement if your room lacks sufficient seating.

Choosing a hotel is very personal and depends on your own preferences and taste. For that reason we don't provide a specific recommended hotels list. We do advise you to take previous advice into account, such as that of a spacious seating area and bath in the hotel room. Suites or more comfortable rooms are therefore often the best choice.

Escortservice at a private residence

Our high class escorts can also visit a private residences, either owned or rented homes. A luxury villa is of course a suitable location for your escort booking, but a 'normal' house or (studio) apartment is also fine. However, our escorts cannot visit you in student housing and shelters. Ensure pets are secured and roommates or companions are absent during the booking.

For extra discretion, escorts arrive dressed discreetly and can change into preferred outfits once inside. They are typically dropped off nearby and walk to your residence to maintain privacy. You will never have a driver at your doorstep.

Incall with your high class escort escort

The term "incall" can have various meanings worldwide, typically referring to a situation where a sex worker hosts clients in their private residence. However, this is not available with our escorts. Instead, we provide a special version of "incall," where we provide a suitable location for your booking. Here are the two options available:

  • Fixed incall locations in Rotterdam and Amsterdam (formerly Incall): Our fixed incall locations in Rotterdam and Amsterdam are designed to be discreet while providing the comfort and facilities akin to a high-end hotel suite. These locations include a separate sitting area, a bedroom with a spacious bed, and a luxurious bathroom with a shower and bath. The rates for these locations are €200 for up to 24 hours in Rotterdam and €300 for up to 24 hours in Amsterdam. These rates include a modest selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can cancel and reschedule free of charge up to 48 hours before the start of your booking.
  • Flexible incall locations (formerly Hotel Check-in Service): If you prefer a different setting than our fixed incall locations, we offer a flexible incall service. Simply inform us of your desired location, and we will arrange a suitable venue for your booking, including handling the check-in and check-out process. There is a surcharge of €100 for this service, in addition to the cost of the chosen location, which must be increased by 21% VAT. Please note that it is not possible to cancel and reschedule this option free of charge.

A minimum booking of 3 hours is required for our special version of incall, and bookings must be made at least 6 hours in advance. For new clients, the rate of the booking and location must be paid in full via bank transfer. Existing clients are not required to prepay for bookings at our fixed incall locations but must prepay for flexible incall locations.

The incall location is available only for the duration of your booking and exclusively while the high class escort is with you. You are welcome to bring your favorite snacks and drinks, or use the services of chef Vincent. Smoking, excessive alcohol, or drug use are not allowed. Any damage caused to the booked location during the booking is fully borne by the client. These locations are rented per booking to accommodate a maximum of three people, and in no way represent a fixed venue for providing sexual services.

Other locations for your escort booking

Certain locations are not suitable for bookings. Here are some guidelines:

  • Holiday and recreation locations: Bookings are not possible at campsites or family-oriented parks. A luxury resort villa or chalet is acceptable.
  • Wellness Locations: Bookings can occur at a luxury private wellness. You may also visit public sauna resorts during your booking but not  sex/gay saunas.
  • Rendez-vous locations: Our escorts do not visit short-stay rooms primarily for sexual activities but can visit regular hotels that meet our requirements and provide day rooms.
  • Erotic locations: Bookings are not allowed in sex clubs or cinemas but can sometimes include visits to luxurious erotic parties or swingers clubs.
  • Mobile locations: Bookings are not possible in cars or campers, but a portion of the booking can occur in a spacious limousine or
  •  luxury boat
  • Offices: Bookings in offices are not allowed unless they offer facilities similar to a luxury hotel room or private apartment.

If you're unsure whether your chosen location is suitable, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.