Travel expenses for your high class escort

In the profile of each escort you will find an overview of all rates. You can find these by moving the slider in the profile to 'Rates'. The rates include 21% VAT and travel costs up to 150 kilometers. These 150 kilometers relate to the one-way travel distance between the escort and the location of your booking. A surcharge of €50 applies for distances between 150 and 200 kilometers. A surcharge of €100 applies for distances between 200 and 250 kilometers. If the distance is more than 250 kilometers, we will discuss the travel costs and options for that particular booking.

Keep in mind that for reasons of discretion, the location of the escort as listed in the profile is the nearest large city. When calculating travel costs, we use the precise location of the escort. Are you a new client and do you want to make a booking where the travel distance is more than 100 km? That is not a problem, but a prepayment of €250 plus travel surcharge is always required.

Minimum booking duration of your escort

In the rate section in the profile of the escort you will also find a information and/or a calculator for the minimum booking duration of the escort. Each escort is free to determine how far he or she wishes to travel for each booking duration. Therefore, the minimum booking may vary per escort. Usually this minimum booking is equal to the required travel time for the return journey, rounded up to the nearest whole hour. The escort should therefore not be on the road for longer than the duration of the booking. When determining the final minimum booking duration, we also take into account things such as peak times, special requests that cost extra preparation time and more.

International exclusive escortservice

Most of our high class escorts are also available for bookings outside the Netherlands. Most European cities require a minimum booking of 12 to 16 hours. Other worldwide cities require a minimum of 24 to 48 hours. In terms of travel method, the most comfortable travel option with the fewest transfers and shortest total travel time will be chosen. Please keep in mind that 21% VAT is applied to all travel/visa/taxi expenses.

Discreet escortservice

Discretion is as important to us as it is to you. Whatever travel means our escorts choose, it will always be discreet. For national bookings, our escorts prefer to be driven by a private driver, a local taxi or other personal transportation. They will not be ‘dropped off’ right in front of your house. Our escorts will discreetly walk the last few meters, if the weather allows it. The escort will dress appropriate for the location and occasion.

Travel during your booking

In some cases, travel can be necessary during your booking with our high class escortservice. For instance, to travel to and from the restaurant during your Dinner Date, visit a wellness centre, museum, a day at the day at the beach or whatever fun activity you have in mind for you and your escort. Distances shorter than 1 kilometer and only if weather and safety permit, can be covered on foot. Longer distances can only be covered by car. For reasons of safety, a licensed and authorized taxi service must be used if it is your first booking with Society Service. Repeat clients are welcome to drive in their (rental)car, provided all legal requirements for driving a car are met. Traveling via Public Transport is not possible, unless in case of an international booking, where Public Transport is the fastest and most comfortable way to cross a national border.