Step 1: Is our high class escortservice the right choice for you?

Exciting! You have made the decision to book an escort. We are happy to explain how you can best approach this. It is important to determine if our high class escortservice is the right choice for you. Two things are important here:

  1. Do the rates of our escortservice fit within your budget? With a regular escort service, rates will be around €150 per hour. A high class escort service usually charges rates around €350 per hour with a minimum of 2 to 3 hours.
  2. Is the type of escortservice the right choice for you? If you are mainly looking for erotic fun, then in many cases a regular escort service will be an excellent choice. Are you looking for an experience with more depth and intimacy where the social aspect is just as important as eroticism? Then our high class escortservice is a better choice.

It is possible you conclude our high class escortservice is not the right choice for you. You will then book an escort elsewhere. Obviously you only want to do this with a licensed and reliable escort service. We explain here how you can check whether an escort service is reliable.

Step 2: Who, what and where

Another step further; you know by now that you have selected a reliable escort service that fits your needs well. Then it is now time to choose which escort you would like to book, for which experience and at which location. This works as follows at our high class escortservice;


Selecting the right escort is essential for an ultimate experience with our escort service. A good match can make the difference between a pleasant experience and a spectacular one. These are the options to select the right escort:

View the profiles of our escorts and select the escort that appeals to you most based on appearance, character and erotic preferences. Also pay attention to the matchmaking preferences of the escort. For example, not every escort is available for clients older than 67 years.

Use our Matchmaking options such as the Instant Match, which shows you immediately who is your best match, or the Tailormade Match, where we advise you.

Request a Sneak Preview; if you meet the conditions, you can temporarily log in to our member area and view the photos with the escorts' faces.

Enlist our help; the Tailormade Match is just one of the ways we can help you make your choice. Feel free to call or email us for advice, but please be as detailed as possible about yourself and your preferences.


A booking with our escort service always starts with an extensive introduction on an emotional and social level. This builds up to a more intimate and erotic setting, which differs per booking and per client. We will list the most common ones here, but you will find a complete overview of all our services here.

An intimate erotic experience: For this you book a Standard Booking of 2 to 5 hours.

Massage and relax: For this you book a Standard Booking of 3 to 4 hours and request our Erotic Massage Service.

Sex lessons and loosing virginity: Still (almost) no experience in the erotic field? Then use our Virgin Experience.

A sensual threesome: Whether as a couple you book an escort for a threesome or as a client two escorts all to yourself. For this you book a Standard Booking of at least 3 hours.

Naughty and kinky: If you have booked with us before, some naughtier requests are usually possible, from anal sex and a naughty Pornstar Experience to fetish and BDSM. For this you book a Standard Booking of at least 3 hours.

Culinary enjoyment: For this you book a Dinner Date from 4 (lunch) to 8 (dinner) hours. Your booking starts with an extensive meal, followed by an erotic dessert in private.

Spending the night together: For this you book an Overnight from 10 (up early) to 20 (sleep in) hours.


Our high class escorts are available throughout the Netherlands, but international destinations are also possible. They can visit you at home or at your hotel, here we explain all the options for the location of your escort booking.

Private Residence: From modest starter home to huge villa, our high class escorts will be happy to visit you at your private residence or at your temporary home, provided it is clean and tidy.

Hotel: Our escorts visit all 4 or more star hotels. When choosing your hotel, ask yourself whether the location invites for a romantic and intimate evening. A budget business hotel will therefore quickly be a less good choice than a luxury boutique hotel. Are you staying in a 3 star hotel? Please contact us for consultation.

We provide the location: If you have booked with us before, we can also provide a location (for a fee). For new clients, a deposit via bank transfer is required for this extra service. Feel free to inquire about the possibilities.

For repeat clients it is possible to meet at a more exciting location, such as a BDSM location or luxury swingers club. However, our escorts can never visit you at student housing, mobile location (car or camper) or cheap rendezvous hotels.

Step 3: The last details

There are a few last things left before you can place your booking. First of all, you should take into account the availability of the escort, which can be found in the profile of each escort. Select an escort who is available on the desired date, or adjust your schedule to the availability of your favorite escort. 

If you are flexible in your choice and if several escorts appeal to you, you can easily book a day to a week in advance, but more notice is always preferable. If only one or a few escorts appeal to you, then booking longer in advance is often necessary. It is very common to place your booking a month or more in advance.

In the profile of each escort you will also find the rates and in which areas the escort is available for his or her minimum booking duration. You can use the slider to switch between profile information and rates in the profile. It is also stated if the escort has a mobile ATM. In this case you can pay with your debit or credit card during the booking. In most other cases, cash or bank transfer is possible. An overview of the possible payment methods can be found here.

Step 4: Place your booking

You have now gathered the information for your booking and can place your booking. This is preferably done via the online booking form. In this way you can fill in your details and wishes in peace, you agree to the Terms and Conditions and we are sure that we can pass on all details to the escort correctly. A misunderstanding is simply made faster by telephone than in writing.

Please be as detailed as possible when filling out the online booking form. The more you share about yourself, the more pleasant for the escort you are about to meet. Of course you also have to be honest. This includes providing your real name and contact details. Unfortunately, we cannot be of service to you without this information. To ensure the well-being of our escorts, we would like to know who we are introducing them to. Of course we treat your data with the utmost confidentiality.

Really don't feel like completing an online booking form? Then you can of course also call us or send us an email.

Step 5: Confirmation and preparation

During our opening hours, daily from 10AM to 10PM, you can expect a response to your booking request within 6 hours. If you have not received a response after this time, please check your junk/spam folder first. Can't find a response here either? Then call us. Is your booking a last-minute booking that starts within 6 hours? Always give us a call or send a message via SMS or Whatsapp to point out your request.

If this is your first booking with our escortservice, you need to get verified. After that's done, we'll go ahead with your booking. As soon as we have organized your booking, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail. In this we confirm the date, time, duration, rate and the most important conditions applicable to the booking. Do you want to make a change to your booking? Then inform us as soon as possible, but no later than 5 hours prior to the booking. After that you can usually no longer change or cancel free of charge.

You are undoubtedly already looking forward to your booking. To prepare, we advise you to read our Escort Etiquette. In this we explain in detail how you can prepare your location, body and mind for your upcoming booking. The escort will also prepare well for the booking. Don't worry, we guarantee that the escort is just as nice and beautiful in real life as presented on the website. Your escort will also arrive on time. In the unlikely event of a delay, or a very smooth journey, we will contact you immediately to inform you.

All that remains now is to enjoy your booking. Of course we would love to hear about your experiences with our escortservice and the escort you have booked. Feedback is therefore always welcome. You can also request a Member Account with us after your first booking and we hope that we can be of service to you again soon for a nice booking.