Interested in placing a booking?

Amazing! We prefer that you use the online booking form. This way we can ensure that we have received all the required information and that you agree to our terms and conditions. It's best to follow up your request by phone, if you are interested in a booking that starts within the next six hours. Repeat clients are welcome to book by phone or email. Need some help on how to book a high class escort? We’ve explained the process step by step.

Interview inquiries for press or educational purposes

We are always open to new interview and publication requests. In case of a press request, feel free to send us an email about what you have in mind and we go from there. In the event of a request for educational and research purposes, please describe yourself and your assignment or research as elaborate as possible, preferably accompanied by your thesis proposal. Unfortunately we can not assist you, if you are anybody in your team is under the age of 21. 

Do you have a recruitment question?

Recruitment is a separate department and we can not be contact via telephone for recruitment questions and applications. Any questions you may have can only be addressed to We reserve our telephone lines for (potential) clients and other general requests such as press inquiries. We are not looking for drivers and will not be looking for any in the (near) future. Neither do we have any positions available for office staff and other support functions.