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Visit a Couples Club with a high class escort

We've all seen the slightly erotic movie "Eyes wide shut" and many have fantasized about visiting such an erotic party ourselves. It is possible to invite one of our high class escorts or gigolos to join you to a couples club, swingers event or erotic party. 

During such an evening, open minded couples gather to flirt, watch each other make love, be watched or even join each other for sensual threesomes and larger erotic group parties in a decor of lust, excitement en sensuality. To visit a couples club, swingerclub or erotic party can be a very exciting experience, that brings out the voyeur our exhibitionist in you. You can explore your innermost fantasies and deepest sexual desires in a safe but sexually-charged environment. Not only our clients but also our exclusive escorts fantasize about visiting such an event, as you can read here.

Which couple clubs and erotic parties do our escorts and gigolos visit

The better upclass parties are available to male-female couples and single females only and can not be visited by gentlemen alone. This policy makes sure the atmosphere at the party remains mysterious, erotic, sensual, naughty but never raunchy or "cheap". Needless to say, our escorts and gigolos visit exclusive couples and swingerclubs only, as well as luxurious erotic parties. In The Netherlands, this means our escorts are available to join you to the Fun4Two club and Fata Morgana. Erotic parties that our high class escorts visit are Madame HomardLittle SinsKilling KittensCaviar de la Nuit and Castle Events. If you are interested in another (private) erotic party or clubs, this is only possible in consultation and after our explicit approval.

Recommendations and requirements for Couples and Swingerclubs and Erotic Parties

Get to know your escort or gigolo before visiting an erotic party

A special service such as this one requires some special recommendations and requirements. First, we recommend you book this service only with an escort you have seen before. You are going to visit a special event as a couple, it only makes sense you have some prior experience as a "couple" already, through a previous booking.

What if the couple club or erotic event has a dresscode?

Most of our escorts own a variety of sexy and erotic outfits, suitable to visit a couples club and swingerclub. However, some upscale erotic parties have a very specific dresscode. If special garments, such as specific lingerie, masks or other clothing are required, they must be provided by you. If enough notice is given, we can also purchase the items for the escort. This requires a prepayment via bank transfer.

Travel to and from the couples club together

Your booking preferably starts and ends at your hotel or private residence. This is a requirement for new clients or if you have not met the escort you booked before. This travel time is part of your booking and you must arrange transport. If you already know the escort, it is possible to meet directly at the swingers club or the erotic party, but this is never preferred. If you do choose this, keep in mind that even in such a setting, every booking starts with a social element.

Make sure to book in advance

Many coupleclubs and swingersparties require a reservation. You must take care of the reservation. If the names of both guests are requested, you can use your own surname for the escort. Guests are not asked to provide identification.

The escort decides whether there is interaction with other couples

At the club or party, your escort will enjoy watching and being watched by other couples. The escort will also be open to the idea of joining other couples (and ladies). However, if the escort chooses to join them is completely up to him or her. This heavily depends on mood and chemistry with the other guests. It is not possible for you to select other guests and demand the escort to join those guests for eroticism.

Rates for visiting Couples Clubs

There's a surcharge involved inviting an escort to join you to a couples club, swingers club or erotic party. The surcharge is €50 per hour, with a maximum of €250 per 24 hours if decided in advance. You can use the calculator below to calculate the rate.

32 Escorts who can accompany you to a couples club

The escorts and gigolos listed here enjoy visiting a couples club, swingers event or erotic party with you. Get ready for an exciting adventure!