A dinner date with a high class escort

Our high class escorts are elegant, intelligent, discreet and charming. They feel comfortable in different social settings and are therefore excellent company for Dinner Dates. Get to know each other over a romantic dinner… followed by a very erotic desert in private.

At a Dinner Date you first enjoy a romantic dinner with your high class escort. You will get to know each other while enjoying wonderful food and drinks. Your time together will feel more like a real date, therefore a more ultimate form of the Girlfriend Experience and Boyfriend Experience can be created. After a delicious sumptuous meal you will retreat to the bedroom where the booking will continue in a more private and sensual setting.

Recommendations for your dinner date

The profile of each high class escort lists the favorite cuisine. Most escorts prefer a modern, romantic and discreet restaurant. Of course our escorts enjoy a luxurious Michelin star restaurant, and because of the etiquette course they followed, feel very comfortable there. However, such an ultra luxurious setting is not a requirement. Our escorts happily accompany you to a restaurant with a more trendy and informal setting.

You can select your favorite review board to choose a restaurant. Of course we are more then happy to suggest a nice restaurant to you as well. We have already gathered some recommendations for dinner dates with our escorts in Amsterdam and SchipholRotterdamThe Hague and gourmet dining options in the rest of The Netherlands. You may also find the search function on our website convenient for finding a restaurant of your liking.

There are a number of establishments that are unsuitable to visit with your high class escort. This includes restaurants with an 'all you can eat' concept or that offer take-out, buffets, fast food restaurants and snack bars. When you book a Dinner Date, additional requirements apply to the restaurant. With this booking type, in addition to the above, it is not possible to dine at a café, pizzeria, sushi restaurant or bar that also serves small dishes.

Reduced rates for dinnerdates

Because many of our escorts prefer Dinner Dates and partly to compensate for the travel time to and from the restaurant during your booking, Dinner Dates are available at a reduced rate. However, a few conditions apply:

  • Your booking takes place in the Netherlands, within a distance of 150km from the escort.
  • At least the first half of the booking will be spent on dinner and the journey to and from the restaurant. Eroticism prior to this is not possible. The idea of a Dinner Date is that you first get to know each other outside the bedroom.
  • Your dinner is extensive and consisting of at least three courses.
  • A Dinner Date has a duration of 5 to 8 hours and can start between 17.30 (5.30PM) and 21.00 (9PM).
  • You always travel together with your escort to and from the restaurant. The reduced rate partially compensates the time required to travel to and from this during the booking. Therefore the dinner will take place at a location outside your home or hotel. Exceptions are only made in the event your hotel hosts a very elegant (Michelin-star) restaurant or you invite our private chef Vincent to cook for you and your escort.

If you do not meet these conditions, the standard rates apply. It is also very common with bookings under this rate category to offer your high class escort something delicious to eat and drink!