Special Duo with escort Chloe and gigolo James

Special Duo with escort Chloe and gigolo James

Book a special duo with a high class escort and gigolo

When two escorts are booked at the same time at our high class escort service, this is almost always for a bisexual threesome with a gentleman and two ladies. But other combinations are also possible. When you decide to book an escort and gigolo, we call it a Special Duo.

A good combination are gigolo James and escort Chloe, who have a good connection both in the bedroom and outside. They tell more about that in this blog and let you enjoy it in person.

Escort Chloe and gigolo James tell us more

Chloe: "I've been with Society Service for a while and have experienced some exciting things, but when I heard that James had joined us my heart skipped a beat. James and I have known each other from a long time ago. Seeing his strong muscular arms and handsome face took me right back to some hot memories: James, me and another woman... James, me and a couple..."

James: "I am the newest addition to Society Service. It's actually strange that I doubted for so long whether I wanted to work as a gigolo, because I love sex and everything that comes with it: the flirting, the playfulness and the seduction, the eroticism and experimenting. When I finally took the step and found out that Chloe worked at Society Service, I immediately knew I had made the right choice. Years ago, Chloe and I sometimes ended up in bed together. And when I say together, I don't just mean the two of us ;). I thought it was fantastic to share the bed with someone who loves sex as much as I do and made it a real party under the credo of 'the more the merrier'. I only have to close my eyes and I'm back under that rain shower on a hot summer evening... Me, Chloé and two others..." 

Chloe: "My favorite memory with James is the first night we went on an adventure together. Completely coincidental and unexpected by the way. James and I have a mutual good friend who is almost as crazy as we are. That friend had me, along with a few others , invited to an erotic party. Before we went to the party, we agreed to have a drink at her house. James immediately caught my eye when I entered, which is inevitable with such an appearance. While I sipped my margarita I caught his eye now and then, those eyes... I looked back seductively, though I'd long since figured out that James was probably way too neat for the wild evening I envisioned.

Once I arrived at the location of the party I had to take off my outerwear, for the ladies the dress code was only lingerie. As I unzipped my dress I caught James's eye, when he saw me looking he didn't look away and he kept looking at me defiantly until I was wearing nothing but my red lace lingerie set. In my high heels I walked confidently towards him until I was close enough to kiss him. I leaned over and whispered in his ear; "Do you feel like a party?" You guessed it, it was a party."

James: "I'm not joking when I say that the night I met Chloe was one of the wildest nights I've had. Chloe and I seemed to bring out something in each other that even surprised us. Both of us are wild, we love of experimentation and nothing is too crazy for us And Chloe can have a look in her eyes... no one can resist that so when we impulsively went on holiday with friends for a week later that summer, we knew it was going to be a fun week. After a day at the beach Chloe and I were the last to be left with two others. It had been a hot day, we were sticky from the salt and the sand and we were all very horny. As the sun went down we lingered on the terrace, too shy to admit what all four of us secretly wanted. Suddenly Chloe leaned over and kissed first the other girl and then her boyfriend. She looked at me defiantly. "I think it's time to go home" , I said as I grabbed Chloe, “All four of us”."

Chloe: "After that wild summer, James and I haven't seen each other, not in that way anyway. But now that James has joined Society Service, I can't help but fantasize about what we can all experience together on bookings. Together spoiling each other and other(s) for a night, endless flirting and flirting on dinner dates or exciting trips to erotic parties and swingers clubs... Or should I experience that one thing with James that we didn't get to that one summer... a threesome with two men? After a short year at Society Service I still haven't seen everything, and with the arrival of James I feel like the world is already completely at my feet."

James: "I've only just started at Society Service and can't wait to discover this world. I secretly hope that Chloe will be there every now and then to show me the way in this super exciting part-time job. And let's be honest, with Chloe it always turned out to be a party and I think it would be great to have another party like this, but now during a booking."


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