Guaranteed booking

How does a guaranteed booking work?

A guaranteed booking is a booking that cannot be canceled free of charge, not even well in advance. This can be requested by clients when a specific high end escort is not listed as available. You then ask the escort to change his/her plans for you. However, we may also require a client to commit to the booking through a guaranteed booking. We explain here how this works.

Our high end escorts are only available part time

Contrary to popular belief, our high end escorts don’t sit at home all day, dressed up and ready to go, waiting for bookings. A high end escort from Society Service is characterized by the fact that he or she is committed to a full-time study or job in daily life. In addition, the escort has a busy private life, consisting of friends, family, hobbies and various obligations.

Our escorts are only part time high end escorts, as an exciting addition to the aforementioned. The majority of our escorts accept a maximum of 1 or 2 bookings per week. The limited availability of the escorts has both advantages and disadvantages. A logical disadvantage is that your favorite escort may not always be available when it suits you best, especially when your request is last minute. However, a big advantage is that our high end escorts also experience a booking as special and not as a routine job as can be the case with professional escorts. The limited number of bookings and associated availability therefore contribute enormously to the intimate and genuine connection you as a client appreciate so much.

Availability in the profile of the high end escort

You can find the availability in the profile of each escort. This is updated by the escort. You can assume that it is up to date, both we and the escorts handle this very accurately. We have already explained to you how to interpret this availability. In recent years we have made various improvements, making the availability listed in the profile even more accurate.

Although we strive for flexibility and wide availability, this should not come at the expense of the escort’s job or study. You will see that one escort is more flexible than another. For example, an escort who works as a freelancer or self-employed person will be able to change her schedule more easily to adapt to a booking request than an escort who has a full-time employment contract that requires presence at the company. With an escort who is still studying, the possibility to adapt varies per study phase. It will be easier to adjust while independently writing a thesis than if the escort is still attending lectures.

When can you request a guaranteed booking?

You can apply for a guaranteed booking when your favorite escort is not listed as available for a specific date and time. The escort in question can then see if he or she can still comply with your request, for example by requesting time off from work. Because with such requests the escort is asked to prioritize a booking over other obligations, the booking cannot be canceled free of charge, not even when done well in advance. After all, you need to give a little to get a little.

If a guaranteed booking can be requested, this will be stated in the profile of the escort at the availability. If this is not stated, the escort is really not available when the filled in availability indicates this, not even for a guaranteed booking. This will be the case with escorts who are so flexible in their daily life that they already have a very wide availability or with escorts who cannot and/or do not want to adjust other obligations. If an escort is available for a guaranteed booking, availability is not guaranteed, but only in consultation with the escort.

A few additional requirements:

  • A guaranteed booking always requires a prepayment via banktransfer if the cliënt has not booked with us in the past two years or has cancelled any of the three most recent bookings.
  • Last minute requests for a guaranteed booking are not possible. At least 24 hours notice is required.
  • The request for a guaranteed booking can be made to maximum three escorts per booking requests.
  • The request for a guaranteed booking can be made for an exact date, time, location and duration. A maximum of three requests can be offered per client to the same escort. If the escort is not available for the requested dates, the availability of the escort is limited to what is shown in the availability calendar of the escort.

When can we require a guaranteed booking?

Sometimes, placing a guaranteed booking can be a requirement from our end. When the availability of a specific escort is very limited, a guaranteed booking can be required. This choice is then made because the escort does not want to risk reserving time in a busy schedule for a booking that can be cancelled without consequences for the client. The limited availability is then reserved for clients who are very sure about their booking and are willing to make a commitment for that.

The same type of commitment can be required by our escortservice from a particular client. This choice is usually made when we are not convinced the client takes a booking serious. There are plenty of possible reasons for this, but most commonly they are related to frequent cancellations and changes to bookings.

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