The Boyfriend Experience (BFE)

Our male escorts and gigolos offer a so-called "Boyfriend Experience", which is warm, romantic, sensual, passionate and intimate by nature. It includes the ingredients similar to a young love, such as French kissing, cuddling and pleasuring each other. But above all, you will make love with the same passion as two lovers would.

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect man. He is probably handsome, charming and intelligent. He stands out due to his elegance, humor and confidence. A real gentleman with style and class, a gigantic sex-appeal that will keep you swooning all day. The type of man you proudly introduce to your friends as well as your business relations. With whom sex is romantic, passionate, sensual, intimate and amazing. Who makes you feel like you are on top of the world, makes you laugh and brings out the best in you. That is the Boyfriend Experience.

Mutual pleasure is key to the Boyfriend Experience

A BFE (Boy Friend Experience) escort is sweet, handsome and active. He is romantic, loves to flirt and has a contagious enthousiasme. But above all, he will get lost in your time together. He will enjoy just like you will. The Boyfriend Experience is all about mutual pleasure. Enjoying each others' company and establishing a beautiful connection. Our male escorts are more warm, social and thoughtful than 'regular' gigolos. You will never feel like they are just in it for the money. Contrary! The Boyfriend Experience is based on creating a mutual kinship that is equally satisfying for both.

A romantic, sensual and intimate experience

Whilst we do thoroughly tutor our male escorts and gigolos, we do not tutor them in personality. They are encouraged to be themselves, at their very best, and they pride themselves on delivering a genuine, memorable experience. After all, it is their personality that sets them apart. Authenticity is essential to the Boyfriend Experience. Our escorts tailor the booking to suit your needs, no two bookings are alike. Feel free to share your fantasies, the escort will gladly make them come true. 

The idea of our intended experience, apart from providing sophisticated company and emotional pleasure, is to slowly and erotically arouse, tease and seduce you, to induce a more fulfilling experience. Our male escorts know how to sexually pleasure a woman and will bring you into ecstasy. In short: Society Service offers high class gigolos who understand the art of seduction and fulfillment and are able to stimulate your mind, body and soul.

Possibilities with our high class escortservice

The Boyfriend Experience offers a complete package, which can be fully customized, depending your wishes and desires. The booking can start with a relaxing introduction in a fine restaurant or your hotelroom, while enjoying a good glass of wine. You will get to know each other and share interesting conversations. When a beautiful connection is established and you are both in the mood, it's time for some magic. When your escort feels it's the right moment, he will take initiative towards creating a more erotic atmosphere. 

He will (French)kiss you, caressing, cuddling and slowly undressing each other. He might choose to spoil you with a romantic candlelight bath, followed by a sensual massage. He will tease and pleasure you with long foreplay, and when you are ready, work his way towards the grand finale: having unforgettable sex. Our escorts offer safe sex only! We recommend you also read our Escort Etiquette for some more (practical) information!