Safe sex means more than using a condom

During your booking with one of our high class escorts or gigolos, only safe sex is possible. Because this does not mean the same for everyone, we explain more explicitly on this page what we mean by this. The most obvious is, of course, the use of condoms with any form of sexual contact. That is why our escorts always use a condom for vaginal and anal sex.

For oral sex on a penis, a condom is always used to protect the recipient and giver from any health risks. Things like "oral without, OWO" are therefore not possible with our escortservice. Not only because we comply with a legal obligation, but also because our escorts simply do not want to offer this. For oral sex on a vagina, the use of a dental dam is not required, provided that the recipient of oral sex is not menstruating at that time and has very good personal hygiene. Of course, it is possible to use a dental dam on request, but in accordance with the advice of the health department, this is not necessary to exclude health risks.

But just using a condom is not enough. One needs to know just as much about how to use a condom as about when to use a condom. Our escorts are trained in both aspects. The escort will provide all the means necessary to practice safe sex during the booking. Do you want to provide your own condoms or prefer a specific brand? You are welcome to provide these during a booking but make sure the packaging is still untouched. 

It is a misconception that with a high class escort you run an increased risk of an STD compared to other persons who are sexually active. That's because our escorts are regularly tested and only practice safe sex. Unfortunately, we cannot answer your questions regarding the sexual health of the escort or gigolo. Medical information is confidential and a matter between the escorts and his or her physician. The escort is under no obligation to share this information with us or you. In fact, we aren’t even allowed to ask for this information as this information is protected under current privacy laws.

A little more about practicing safe sex aside from using condoms

Safe sex is when both parties involved feel safe, secure, comfortable and good about what’s happening. This is different for every person. Let’s take a look at three examples:

French kissing: Most of our escorts enjoy French kissing and see it as an important part of the Girlfriend Experience and Boyfriend Experience. When your teeth do not look clean, you smell like coffee and cigarettes, have a stain on your shirt, shabby nails and with an unmade bed, the slightest pimple near your mouth will be enough for the escort to not want to kiss you to avoid the risk of catching cold sores. It could be just a pimple, or a cut from shaving. But when taking the combination into consideration, your high class escort will not be comfortable kissing you and therefore refrain from it.

Dry humping: Rubbing your naked bodies onto each other can be very arousing and fun. However, rubbing your genitals near those of the escort might make the escort feel very uncomfortable, even though the chances of ‘catching anything’ from it are close to zero. The escort does not yet know if you are the type of person who will not accidentally on purpose try and slip in without a condom. Put on a condom and continue the fun, don’t push and ruin the mood.

Fingers everywhere: Touching and stimulating each other with fingers is sexy and hot. Your escort will have made sure all nails are freshly manicured, but did you do the same? The slightest hook on your nails can be enough to ruin both expensive stockings and hurt a vagina. Dirty fingers are even worse. Not washing your hands after going to the bathroom, switching between anal and vaginal contact without a wash and not using lube when needed will result in a very uncomfortable situation for a woman the next day. The escort will do whatever possible to prevent this and not let your fingers near if the escort has even the slightest idea you are not being hygienic and careful.

The ultimate offense: When your escort tells you No, for whatever reason, this is not up for negotiation or discussion. Your escort will do his or her very best to please you and saying No to you is rather difficult for the escort as well. Please understand and be courteous. But whatever you do; do not offer extra money to do whatever the escort said No to anyway. This is the ultimate offense to your escort. There is pretty much nothing worse you could possibly do. It’s like saying: I do not care about your limits and preferences and assume your personal boundaries are up for sale. They are not. If you feel like offering your escort something extra, such as a tip or present, do so at the end of your pleasant time together because you’ve very much enjoyed the company. Not because you want something that the escort is not willing to provide for whatever reason. No means No.