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Gigolo for Couples

Exclusive male escort or gigolo for a couple

When couples are looking to invite an other person into their bedroom for an exciting threesome, the most common request is an other bisexual woman. However, a threesome with two men and one woman is a returning fantasy for many couples as well. 

More and more (male-female) couples are looking for a discreet way to explore their sexuality by inviting an other man to join them for an erotic adventure. It can absolutely ben an enrichment for a couple with a strong mutual trust relationship and who award each other with some fun. However, finding a suitable lover is easier said than done. A male escort or gigolo is the perfect choice.

A heterosexual gigolo or bisexual male escort for a couple

By inviting an experienced high class gigolo you can match your preferences with a discreet and no-strings-attached adventure that is pleasurable for all parties. The setting of such an adventure is non-rushed, exciting and relaxing, with open and free communication. Your escort will make sure you are both at ease, fulfilling your fantasies and hereby creating a new dimension to your relationship, not a threat. 

A heterosexual gigolo will focus on the female client, but will always be respectful towards the man. He will never make him jealous or inappropriately impress the woman, contrary! He is the ideal team player who wants to make the woman enjoy herself through joint efforts. He is not available for erotic contact with the male client. Neither is a heteroflexible gigolo, except for some touching or caressing. Also, your gigolo also enjoy visiting lesbian couples! 

When you book a gay or bisexual gigolo, he will mainly focus on the man or divide his attention between the man and woman. The bisexual desires of the male client are therefore more central here, in full interaction and consultation with the female client, of course.

Boyfriend Experience for a couple

When our gigolo spend time with a couple, they offer the same Boyfriend Experience as they would when they spend time with a single client. This Boyfriend Experience is romantic, sensual and passionate. The gigolo will take his time to get to know you both and set a sensual atmosphere. Whether you enjoy hot and steamy or romantic and soft, your time together will be heavenly!

Recommendations for couples who book a male escort or gigolo

We recommend you book at least 3 hours with your male escort or gigolo. Experience has shown this is the minimum amount of hours needed for an intimate, romantic and passionate rendezvous. Not only will the gigolo take a little bit more time to get to know you both, do not underestimate your nerves. For most couples this is a very exciting, possibly first time, experience and some nerves are therefore completely normal. Your gigolo will first make sure everybody is feeling relaxed and comfortable, before moving more to eroticism. Dinner dates are recommended for the ultimate experience, a minimum of at least 6 hours is recommended.

The gigolo will respect your boundaries

If you have any specific preferences or "rules", please make sure to inform us or the escort up front. Some examples of common requests are:

  • The gigolo can not have intercourse or (French)kiss.
  • You would just like to be watched, or the other way around.
  • You are interested in a more naughty experience and would like the gigolo to also focus on double penetration.
  • As a couple, you want sexlessons from the experienced gigolo on how to improve your current sexlife.
  • You wish to explore (your first time) erotic intimacy between two men.

Our gigolos are more than happy to follow any preferences, rules, special requests and fantasies you might have. However, our gigolos will not play along with a situation where one of two clients is not informed about the visit of the gigolo, or worse, not just as enthusiastic about the experience as his/her partner.

Rates for couples who book a gigolo

There's a surcharge involved for couples who want to book a male escort or gigolo to join them for a threesome. The surcharge also applies when you book multiple gigolos at the same time. The surcharge is €50 per hour, with a maximum of €250 per 24 hours, if decided in advance. You can use the calculator below to calculate the rate.

8 Gigolos available for couples

The gigolos listed below have different sexual orientations; from gay/bisexual to heterosexual. Therefore, your experience will vary depending on the sexuality of the gigolo. Our gigolo's are all available to visit male-female couples. On request, some of our gigolos are also available for female-female and male-male couples.