An overnight with a high class escort

Besides Dinner Dates, overnight bookings are the favorite bookings of our high class escorts. The escort then spends the night together with the client. To stimulate such bookings they are available at a reduced rate.

Although some prefer to have the bed to themselves, for many there is little better than literally sleeping together. This feels very intimate and romantic, which fits perfectly with the Girlfriend Experience and Boyfriend Experience that our escorts offer.

Of course it is wonderful to snuggle up together after a passionate evening and sleep together. You will feel the warmth of the escort, literally and figuratively. But besides the wonderful feeling, it is also an advantage you don't have to pay attention to the end time of your booking in the evening. After all, your time together only comes to an end in the morning.

Suggestions for your overnight

To assure both you and the escort can enjoy your overnight booking to the fullest, we have a number of suggestions. To begin with, let's get rid of a common misconception; you don't have sex with the escort all night long. After a passionate evening, you will actually sleep, something you will undoubtedly be in need of by then. The escort must be able to sleep undisturbed for at least 5 hours during the booking. 

Discuss what you think is the most comfortable way to sleep; cozy together or rather not? Do you often snore? Then be courteous and get your escort a pair of earplugs. Before you go to sleep, also agree what time you will set the alarm and do not wake your escort earlier. Your escort will not be moody in the morning, but tiredness rarely contributes to a nice atmosphere.

Give the escort some room for his or her own morning ritual. The majority of our escorts will want to freshen up in peace; brushing teeth, showering, etc and expects the same from you. While the escort is freshening up, you can arrange for some breakfast. At least a cup of coffee and a croissant or piece of fruit, but feel free to pamper the escort with a sumptuous breakfast in bed.

If your booking ends early in the morning and you cannot or do not want to extend it, the escort will leave you after breakfast. If your booking ends a little later in the morning, some naughty morning gymnastics are often possible.

Of course, a duo booking is also possible during an overnight booking. However, you must provide a suitable place to sleep for both escorts. We advise you to take this into account when selecting the location of your escort booking.

Reduced rates for overnights

Because our high class escorts prefer overnight bookings, they are available at a reduced rate. However, a few conditions apply:

  • Minimum duration of 10 hours.
  • Your booking takes place in the Netherlands, within a distance of 150km from the escort.
  • During an overnight booking you spend the night with your escort. Your booking must therefore start between 16.00 (4PM) and 23.00 (11PM) and finish between 6.00 in the morning and noon. 
  • The escort must be able to sleep undisturbed for at least 5 hours during the booking. This sleeping time is part of the booking duration.
  • With Overnight bookings that start before 21.00, at least the first few hours will be spent on dinner, possibly combined with other social activities.