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I am an ambitious and outgoing man, who is not afraid to take the lead when necessary. I can adapt well to different personalities. With my good sense of humor I quickly break the ice. A day without laughter is a day wasted! I like walking on the beach or in nature but don't be fooled; behind my boy next door appearance is a very passionate man who also likes to take control in the bedroom.

— XXX —

About Jacob


Jacob is best described as a fun, outgoing and intelligent man, who will make you feel like you've known each other for years. Spending time with Jacob is effortless, your only distractions will be his contagious smile, a playful flirt and naughty approach, since Jacob enjoys seducing you slowly and has a genuine talent for it as well.

In day to day life, Jacob is committed to his education with great passion and perseverance. He can also be found in the gym regularly, to keep his body in shape. And that shows, as Jacob has an amazing athletic body. But in addition to hard work, he also enjoys relaxing when in the presence of good company. This can be a musical event, such as a concert, an intimate evening at home with a good glass of wood-aged chardonnay, a sumptuous dinner or winding down at the beach. Jacob likes to get to know interesting, ambitious people who have a lot of passion for what they do and who are just as positive about life as he is. Just like you will feel like you've known Jacob for years when spending time outside the bedroom, in the bedroom you will feel no different. When it comes to eroticism, Jacob has a talent to sense exactly what you enjoy and desire so you can get completely lost in the moment and enjoy each other to the fullest.


Our high class gigolos offer a Boyfriend Experience, that is romantic, sensual and passionate. Sometimes, with the right connection, our gigolos are open to extra services. Below you can find more information about the erotic preferences of the gigolo.

This gigolo is bisexual and available for:


Jacob offers the ultimate Boyfriend Experience, full of passion and romance. He enjoys deep French kissing and anal play (giving and receiving). He is an excellent choice for inexperienced gentlemen looking for their first experience with an other man.


When both in the mood, Jacob also enjoys a more wild and rough Pornstar Experience. He has several toys to enhance such an experience. 


Jacob enjoys experimenting with BDSM and other kinky preferences. He leans more towards being dominant but if a trustrelationship has been established, is also open to a submissive position.


Jacob has several toys in different sizes to use. In addition, he has some leather wear such as a leather harness, pants and coat.



The Netherlands
Student, Marketing




Fair complexion
Short blonde
Athletic and strong
185 CM
Clothing size
Natural beauty
100% Natural
Most beautiful feature
Round booty


Light social smoker
Tempranillo or viognier wine, water
Italian, French, Spanish
D’terre de Hermés (Hermes)


Type of Client

Likes & dislikes


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Gigolo for Couples

: We also offer male escorts and gigolos who enjoy meeting (M/F) couples for an exciting threesome. A surcharge applies.

Minimum & Travel Expenses

This gigolo requires a minimum booking of 2 hours.

This gigolo is based in Amsterdam area and available for bookings within The Netherlands.

The minimum booking duration and travelexpenses of this gigolo are on request.

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The availability of Jacob is on request only. Jacob requires at least 3 hours notice and can be booked up to 3 months in advance.

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