Dinner Dates

A dinner date with an high class escort

Our high class escorts are elegant, intelligent, discreet and charming. They feel comfortable in different social settings and are therefore excellent company for Dinner Dates. Get to know each other over a romantic dinner… followed by a very erotic desert in private.

At a Dinner Date you first enjoy a romantic dinner with your high class escort. You will get to know each other over something to eat and drink. Your time together will feel more like a real date, therefore a more ultimate form of the Girlfriend Experience and Boyfriend Experience can be created. After a delicious dinner you will retreat to the bedroom where the evening will continue.

Reduced rates for dinnerdates

A Dinner Date is a very romantic, intimate and especially fun evening with one of our beautiful high class escorts. Because many of our escorts prefer Dinner Dates, they are available at a reduced rate, which also takes into account the time needed to travel to and from the restaurant. You always travel together with your escort to the restaurant. The reduced rates can be found in the profile of the escort. Dinner Dates require a minimum of 5 hours, where there is time for an sumptuous dinner as well as private time in the bedroom. Longer Dinner Dates are of course always possible!

The idea behind a Dinner Date is to get to know each other first, over a romantic dinner. Therefore, eroticism is not possible before the actual dinner. Most suitable restaurants will close their kitchen around 21.30 (9.30 PM), therefore a dinner date can start between 18.00 (6 PM) and 21.00 (9 PM). In addition, room service, a pizza around the corner, lunch, a steak at the hotel restaurant, etc. are not considered to be a dinnerdate. In these situations, the regular Private Date rate applies.

Recommendations for your dinner date

The profile of each high class escort lists the favorite cuisine. Most escorts prefer a modern, romantic and discreet restaurant. Of course our escorts enjoy a luxurious Michelin star restaurant, and, because of the etiquette course they followed, feel very comfortable there. However, such an ultra luxurious setting is not a requirement. Our escorts happily accompany you to a restaurant with a more down-to-earth setting. You can select your favorite restaurant on the largest Dutch review board IENS. Of course we are more then happy to suggest a nice restaurant to you as well. We have already gathered some recommendations for dinner dates with our escorts in Amsterdam and Schiphol, Rotterdam, The Hague and gourmet dining options in the rest of The Netherlands.