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Welcome to the Virgin Experience!

Since you are visiting this website, chances are that you are still a virgin, or have had very little or no satisfying sexual experiences and are now curious how to change this. Believe us, you are not the only one; not the first, and most certainly not the last. There is no reason to feel insecure or “different from others”. It is very good to turn to the Virgin Experience to help you along the right way. The Virgin Experience is available for male and female clients of 21 years and older.

Our escorts are sweet, understanding, patient and sensationally beautiful escorts, who will take ample time to give you the best (first) intimate experience of your life. In addition, you will learn how to please each other in bed. This will give a boost to your confidence, so your opportunities in the dating circuit are guaranteed to increase. A client shares a bit about his experiences with the Virgin Experience. We have also answered the most frequently asked questions about our Virgin Experience. If you are ready to proceed with a booking, the booking process is explained step-by-step.

“The Virgin Experience by Society Service is the one and only original deflowering service, founded in 2007 and known from television and countless other publications. Watch out for counterfeit and imitation!”

Why use an escortservice for losing your virginity?

Sex can be a fun, exciting and intimate part of life. There can be many reasons why you have less (great) sexual experiences in your life. When time passes, your desire to make love increases but it is very difficult in current society to find that perfect someone to share this with. This is where our Virgin Experience comes in. We offer you the intimacy and sexuality you crave, without having to worry about not doing things entirely right the first time. You can just relax and enjoy!

In addition to your first sexual experiences, our escorts offer an authentic form of intimacy that goes way beyond the merely physical and sexual. Although this may be the reason you are considering using our services in the first place, intimacy comes in many other forms as well. Our escorts are sweet and skilled conversationalists, have the ability to make you feel at ease in their company and enjoy the social aspect of a booking as much as the erotic part. To share this type of connection with the escort can help you evolve as a person, build confidence, open up and increase social skills and eventually bring more joy to your life.

Exclusive high class escorts for the Virgin Experience

The high class escorts of Society Service are all Dutch, beautiful, fun, sweet, smart and so much more. But what makes the escorts of the Virgin Experience so special? It is possible that you’re nervous, shy or insecure and therefore afraid to take the initiative. The high class escorts of the Virgin Experience will keep this in mind, will take initiative themselves and are very patient. They will familiarize you with their body and all its secrets, and teach you how to please each other sexually, head to toe. The Virgin Experience is educating, exciting and effective!

The escorts below are carefully selected for the Virgin Experience, not only for their social talent, but of course also because they genuinely enjoy doing it. In addition to that they’ve had special training in this department to make your time together even more memorable and special. Our bisexual escort ladies are available for a Virgin Experience with heterosexual male clients and bisexual or lesbian female clients. Our heterosexual male escorts (gigolos) are available for a Virgin Experience with female clients and our bisexual male escort is available for male clients.

Eroticism at the Virgin Experience

A relaxed atmosphere is important for every date, but especially with the Virgin Experience. Therefore bookings at the Virgin Experience have a minimum of 3 hours. Longer bookings are possible, shorter not. This gives enough time to get to know each other over drinks and/or dinner. We offer far more than just a sexual service. Of course taking a bath together, massaging each other, kissing, getting to know each others body and making love is part of your date. But there is a lot to discover when it comes to sex. You will explore this together with your high class escort! You will experience that intimacy and sexuality go far beyond merely “the act itself”. When your date is finished you will not only have had a fantastic time, but will also know how to pleasure an other in the bedroom. Above all, you will no longer go through life as a virgin.

Our escorts practice safe sex only! They gladly teach you more about safe sex and how to use a condom. There is no room for special requests at the Virgin Experience, such as A-levels (anal sex) and BDSM/fetish related requests. Like many things, it’s important to start at the beginning, only then can special requests be discovered, for example through our Emperor Package. An exception to this applies to bookings with clients who want their first experience with a same-sex escort. With these bookings there is more room for experimentation.

Rates for Society Service’s deflowering service

Every escort at our high class escort service is unique and therefore determines their own rates and conditions. These can be found in the profile of every escort and gigolo. You can earn a reduced rate on your Virgin Experience through our Loyalty Program. You can choose from the following basic packages, which you can customize with extra hours;

Prince Package

You spend three hours with an escort. You get to know each other over drinks and slowly build up to a more intimate and erotic setting. Despite the relatively short duration, this package offers a nice first introduction to eroticism, where you learn a lot about sexuality. From €700 (gigolo) and €950 (escort).

King Package

You spend five hours with an escort. You get to know each other well over a romantic dinner. This increases intimacy and lowers nerves. After dinner, the atmosphere becomes more intimate and erotic, and you get to discover eroticism and sexuality in an educational way. From €900 (gigolo) and €1150 (escort).

Sultan Package

You spend sixteen hours with an escort. Just like with the King Package, the evening starts with a romantic dinner and from here the atmosphere becomes more intimate and erotic. Because you spend the night together, there is a stronger connection between you and the escort, there is less time pressure and it will be easier for you to relax. Eroticism is also possible in the morning, so in case the evening did not go entirely as planned, the morning will leave enough time to enjoy each other again. From €2000 (gigolo) and €2350 (escort).

Emperor Package

Whereas the above packages mainly focus on clients with no (or very little) sexual experience, the Emperor Package focuses specifically on clients who have already gained some experience with sexuality, for example through our Virgin Experience, but who still have some want to learn more before they place a booking with our high class escort service for a “Girlfriend Experience” or “Boyfriend Experience”. This package offers a nice middle way! A minimum booking of 3 hours is required, but a dinner date from 6 hours or a long overnight stay of 16 hours is recommended. From €700 (gigolo) and €950 (escort).

Virgin Experience suggestions

In case you wish to extend your Virgin Experience

Packages listed above are minimum bookings. Longer packages are always possible, shorter not. It is also possible, and common, to extend your Virgin Experience. If decided in advance or within the first half of the pre-booked booking duration, you can extend to any desired duration within the same rate category and you only pay for the price difference. After that, the higher hourly rates for extension apply as stated in the profile of each escort.

Location of our Virgin Experience

Your Virgin Experience requires a location that is romantic, clean and stylish, with a separate living and bedroom and a luxurious bathroom with bath and shower. A selection of non alcoholic drinks must be present. If you fully prepay your booking, we can book a suitable location for you in Rotterdam or Amsterdam at a surcharge of €200. Alternatively you can provide a suitable location yourself. Depending on the chosen location and escort, a minimum booking of more than 3 hours may be required. The Virgin Experience is also available outside The Netherlands. A minimum booking of 16 hours applies to most European cities and 24 hours to most other world cities.

The majority of our high class escorts prefer packages where you first go out for dinner and get to know each other a little better. You will then be less nervous and feel more relaxed. In addition, the atmosphere will be a bit more intimate, which is also pleasant for the escort. It’s okay to be nervous, that’s normal. Of course we can help you find a suitable restaurant in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and other regions. You can already find several suggestions on our website. Needless to say, the person extending the invitation for dinner (in this case the client, who makes the booking) is the one paying for dinner.

Looking for more information how to place your booking? We’ve explained the booking proces step-by-step for you.

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