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Your first verification at our escortservice

The required verification for your first high class escort booking

Every day we process more than a hundred emails from clients with updates about bookings already placed with our high class escort service, questions from new clients and booking requests. About a third of the booking requests we receive are not serious, in other words: fake.

Most of the fake requests to our high class escort service are relatively easy to recognize. However, there are also fake requests that at first glance seem very sincere, but in reality are not. To prevent us from wrongly reserving time for our high class escorts, new clients must therefore get verified. This is only required with your very first booking with our escort service.

Why client verification benefits you

The intention of a faker is to waste as much of our time and that of the high class escort as possible. People often do this because they find it ‘funny’, out of revenge when they have been refused as a client or to disadvantage a competitor. At first sight this is especially damaging for our escortservice and our escorts, but in the end you as a serious client will be disadvantaged by this. After all, in the case of a fake request, time is wrongly reserved for a high class escort who is therefore no longer available for your booking request. It is therefore to your advantage that we only reserve time from our escorts for clients who are serious and therefore verified.

Verification method 1: Deposit

Paying a deposit via bank transfer is the easiest way to verify yourself as a new client. A minimum amount of €250 (per escort) is sufficient, but you can of course also pay for your entire booking. We offer various suggestions on our website on how you can make your deposit in an extra discreet way. Unless your booking is more than 100 kilometers away from the escort’s location, a deposit is not mandatory. There are also other verification methods.

Verification method 2: Reference

If you have a reference from a client who has booked with us in the past few years, this is also sufficient as verification. You can ask the relevant client to inform us about this by e-mail with your e-mail address in the cc.

Verification method 3: Check of your details

Contrary to what some fake online reviews may suggest, we do not ask for a copy of your ID as that would be infringing current GDPR laws. Now what does ‘checking your details’ entail: When placing your booking you provide a number of details, which we will check. You verify your phone number by sending us a message via SMS or Whatsapp with your full real name. We will not answer this. You must also verify the location of your booking. If you are staying in a hotel, you must send us a print screen of your hotel reservation showing your name, hotel details and check-in/out dates. You should check in at the hotel at least two hours prior to your booking and inform us of your room number so that we can call you in your room to check. If your booking takes place in a (temporary) private residence, a similar proof is required or we can send you an authentication code prior to your booking, which you will feed back to us for verification.

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