Is working as an escort the right choice for you?

Is working as an escort the right choice for you?

The pros and cons of working as an high class escort

As all other careers, there are pros and cons to be measured. These are some things you really need to think about before applying to work as an high class escort, be it at Society Service or any other escortservice. We feel that the ‘warm and fuzzies’ greatly outweigh the ‘boo boo’s’. But nonetheless the boo boo’s still sting.

The pros of working as an high class escort

The people you meet

As an high class escort you get to meet a variety of clients who make for very interesting conversationalists. You'll get to be on a first name basis and pick the brains of some of the most brilliant minds and receive eye-opening and life-changing advice and tips. It is however the variety between the clients that makes it most interesting. There is something to learn from every person we meet in life, and as an high class escort you meet so many different people who share their innermost desires and secrets with you, making you part of their world. This will greatly increase your people skills. In addition, to know that you put a smile on someone's face can bring you a great sense of satisfaction.

The places you get to go

Most of our high class escorts travel to at least a few international destinations a year. And by international, we are not referring to Belgium or Germany but to tropical islands, amazing world cities such as New York and Hong Kong and adventurous destinations such as Africa and the Arabic world. In addition to international destinations, most bookings take place at luxurious hotels, with wining and dining at the best restaurants in the world. Having said that, working as an high class escort allows you to take a peek into the jetset lifestyle, but no more then that. We are not promising you all of your bookings will include at least a private jet or gigantic yacht, that's simply not the case. But some bookings might and that should be seen as the cherry on top.

Develop your femininity

There is something very magical that happens during bookings. With the escort looking like the perfect lady, the client will change into the perfect gentleman. You are treated like his princess for the evening, night, etc. Your client will open the door, take your coat, pay you compliments and even give you expensive gifts. Our escorts describe their clients to be more of a gentleman than their day-to-day-life boyfriends and lovers have ever been. In addition, most of our escorts are "girly-girls" who love dressing up. During bookings you can wear the type of outfits you would wear to a special occasion, which can be a very welcome change from the oh so popular jeans-shirt outfit most Dutch people wear to class and work.

Explore your sexuality

Not only do our clients all have very different backgrounds, they also have very different sexual desires. Experiencing different lovers will make you a more skilled mistress, learning to read body language well and getting to know your own body better. It will widen your sexual scope and increase your confidence in the bedroom. You get to try new things and even make your own fantasies come true. If it's always been your fantasy to be with an other woman, or play with naughty soft erotic BDSM, escorting offers you a safe environment to explore those fantasies, without being judged for them.

The money

Our high class escorts enjoy high incomes, higher then they most likely will for the rest of their lives. The hourly salary is high but so is the flexibility. If you do not feel like doing any bookings for a week or longer, you are free to change your availability at any time and take some time to go on a holiday or focus on your exams. There are very few jobs that offer this as well.

A safer option

Experimenting with sexuality is very normal. But most ladies do so through internet dating where there is very few to no screening towards who you get to meet and nobody aside from perhaps your girlfriends who know where you are. When working as an high class escort, we will carefully screen all clients and will know where you are at any point throughout the booking. We are very strict when accepting new clients and this might result in some loss bookings, after all, not all potential clients who refuse to give out for example their full real name are fake or bad clients, and we are therefore sometimes described as too strict and rigid. It has however also resulted in zero incidents over the past 10 years and that remains our priority.

The cons of working as an high class escort

The general image

The general image of an high class escort is not a pretty picture. Many envision a girl who is drug abusing, has experienced a rough childhood, possesses low self esteem or who is trajically misguided. Working in this industry is dirty, dangerous and demeaning. All clients are disgusting and treat you poorly. Society looks down on prostitution as something to be embarrassed about, a dark and dirty secret that won’t go away. The idea that a woman can make the conscious and happy choice to work as an high class escorts seems to be impossible to some, if not most. It can be very painful to be associated with this image and a definite con, compared to jobs in other industries.

Lying to the people you love

As a result of the bad image of this industry, most escorts choose to keep their choice to work as an high class escort a secret. They do not want to be associated with the prejudices. It can be exciting to have a secret life, something that's just for you, but don't underestimate how painful and difficult it can be to lie to the people closest to you, who you love. In addition, when others find out about your career choices, it can be just as painful for them, knowing they've been lied to. The easy solution is not to just simply be open about it and not lie. During your (early) twenties, chances are your friendships are developing just as much as you are as a person. Who is now your friend might no longer be in a few years and you need to wonder if you'd like this person to know this sort of thing about you.

A public private affair

There are many public review boards and even though we do our very best to remove all public reviews as we see it as an invasion on your privacy, we are not always successful. Imagine what it's like to be judged, rated, and scrutinized on your physical appearance and sexual performance, out in the open for your co-workers, clients and anybody else to read. Now imagine it's not even true what's been written. Most reviews are not written by actual clients but by competition or those just finding it amusing or even arousing to write such reviews... not so nice!

When you do not like your client

Just like any other job, there are good days and bad days. Most bookings will be good to amazing, one out of ten bookings will be "so-so". The biggest con of working as an high class escort is when your booking is with a client with who you have no connection, or worse, who is pushing your boundaries. There are actually clients who believe that since they are paying for a service, you should provide that service without question, equally across the board and without variation. In a perfect world where all clients have impeccable hygiene and charming personalities this scenario just might work. But sad to say that we do not live in a perfect world. You always have the right to refuse a client, for whatever reason. But that's easier said then done and most escorts will have at least a few experiences with clients that pushed their boundaries, did not show the proper level of respect or hygiene or they had no connection with at all. Yet still tolerate this and proceed with the booking. Due to the intimate nature of your work, it might take some real confidence to deal with such a booking.

Future effects

If you work as an high class escort you easily get used to making a lot of money, quickly and easily. It will be a challenge to switch to an ordinary 9 to 5 job for a regular salary, if you are used to making that amount in a few evenings. Keep in mind, being an high class escort is not a lifestyle. It's an addition to your life for a certain period. There's a big difference. You should see your income as a welcome extra, not as a standard. The same goes for your future relationships. Some ladies find it challenging to be with an "ordinary" boyfriend who doesn't offer the luxury and excitement of bookings. In addition, you might want to think about if and how you want to tell your special person about your history as an high class escort. This might be a sensitive subject. And not only for a romantic relationship but also in a business relationship this might be an issue. Some companies require a more extensive background check before hiring an employee, where your history as an high class escort can come up. If you have political ambitions or want to work at a bank or become a judge, keep in mind your history as an high class escort will result in additional challenges. Something being legal is different from it being widely accepted.

Having read the above and still think working as an high class escort is your dream job? Then by all means, send us your application! We look forward to meeting you.


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