Want to work as a high class escort or gigolo?

Despite what our society claims, working as a high class escort or gigolo can be fun, exciting, safe and enjoyable on many levels. Society Service is always interested in meeting new high class escorts. We offer you a safe environment with professional management, respect and discretion. Experience is not necessary, we will guide you through every step of becoming an outstanding luxury escort.

Being the largest high class escort service in The Netherlands, we are able to offer our beautiful and intelligent escorts high incomes which affords them a more luxurious lifestyle. Exact earnings and rates are only discussed during an introduction interview. Society Service is a fully legal high class escortservice and our escorts are required to pay taxes.

On this website you can read a lot about our high class escortservice. In summary, Society Service distinguishes itself from other escortagencies by making and complying with clear agreements, a professional approach, a large (permanent) client base resulting in a large number of bookings, the possibility to adjust your availability and view booking (requests) 24/7 and a fixed team with years of experience to make your work as a high class escort as fun and safe as possible. These clear agreements also apply to our clients, we do not tolerate inappropriate behavior towards our escorts and gigolos.

Before sending us your application, we recommend you to read books such as the Escort Bijbel (in Dutch), in advance. Don’t forget to read our entire website as well, including our press overview, FAQ and pros and cons which contains lots of information about working as an high class escort. If you have any remaining questions, which are not already answered on this website, you can address your questions to It is not possible to call us with questions.


Requirements for high class escort

Our clientele requests a variety of types and therefore we are not only interested in one specific type of escort. There are however a few specifics that are strict requirements. These are:

In general

  • We are interested in meeting ladies and gentlemen with a variety of sexual orientations. Your bookings will only include sexuality with clients within your orientation scope. Having said that, we have very few bookings for strictly gay escorts. We are currently not accepting applications from transgender ladies and gentlemen.
  • You must be at least 21 years old (female escort) or 25 (male escort or gigolo) and not look a day over 40 (female escort) or 50 (male escort or gigolo), willing to provide sexual services to a variety of clients. In terms of matchmaking we are open to some preferences in nationality and background, but can only work with you if you are willing to accept clients up to 60 years old.
  • You should be based in The Netherlands (or very close to the Dutch border), fluent in English and at least close to fluent in Dutch. We prefer escorts of Dutch nationality but are occasionally open to other nationalities. Most clients prefer to meet caucasian escorts but we also receive requests for more exotic skin tones.
  • We do not work with so-called “Pro’s” that are looking to be represented by multiple agencies, are in The Netherlands for a short period only, work or have worked as an independent escort.
  • Sexuality is almost always part of a booking. Therefore, we are not interested in applicants only open to companionship without eroticism.

Your inside

  • We work with escorts who are friendly, loyal, charismatic, adventurous, charming, elegant, intelligent, punctual, discreet, trustworthy and confident. You are motivated by adventure, passion, sensuality and fun, not only by money.
  • You have a healthy, drug-free, attitude to life in general, preferably non-smoking.
  • You are able to carry on a conversation with a variety of clients, from intelligent businessmen, to rockstars and nervous virgins. Intelligence goes beyond merely holding a degree but we prefer that you are at least busy with (or have finished) a bachelor degree.
  • You have an above average interest in sexuality, sensuality and eroticism. You are open to learning and experiencing new techniques. Your sexual experience is not limited to just a few partners. You are a considerate and confident lover, without any “stage fright” and who enjoys spoiling the other first.

Your outside: Female escort

  • We ask that you are at least 1.60m and that your body is in proportion (sizes XS/NL34 up to L/NL40) and that you have a beautiful and friendly face.
  • Your body is free of (large) tattoos and does not show any signs of former pregnancy.
  • You should be a ‘girly-girl’ with a twinkle in your eyes, a radiant smile and a feminine ‘look’ with at least shoulder length hair.

Your outside: Male escort or gigolo

  • We ask that you are at least 1.75m and that your body is in proportion and that you have a handsome face.
  • You can not be overweight. You do not have to be a bodybuilder or fitness model, but should look very good naked.
  • You are well groomed, take great care of your body and appearance, well dressed, stylish and elegant.
  • You should fit condom size regular or above. Being “well endowed” can be a plus but is not a requirement.


Application process

Does this sound like you? Then this is what the application process looks like, step by step:

Step 1: Complete the recruitment form below. It’s just to get a first impression of you. For reasons of discretion, we do not yet ask for your last name and telephone number, but these are required for the next step. However, use your real first name, and also give an honest answer to the other questions. To guarantee your privacy, you do not have to send us photos, and we do not accept e-mails with attachments such as photos for security reasons. Therefore, carefully follow the instructions regarding photos, otherwise the application cannot be processed. Since we require you are (close to) fluent in Dutch, the entire application process is in Dutch, including the recruitment form.

Step 2: We always reply to your application within 10 days. If you have not heard from us yet, first check your junk folder. If you do not find a response here, please email us to inquire at If we are just as positive about you as you are about us, we would like to invite you to complete a second application form. Here we ask for more personal information. If we are not interested in a possible collaboration, your application will be deleted again.

Step 3: We will reply to your second application within 10 days. If we are still interested, we will ask you for a good date and time to call you, so we can have a short chat over the phone. If not, your application will be deleted.

Step 4: If our impression of you is positive so far, we will invite you for a cup of coffee/thee at a public location in Rotterdam or Amsterdam, just to have a chat and get to know each other. During this interview you must identify yourself with a valid proof of identity, so that we are sure that you are at least 21 years of age.

Step 5: After the first face to face interview you are given some time to think about your choice. If you are still interested in working with us and this is mutual, you are invited for a second interview. During the second interview we will take care of all the administrative requirements and teach you the basics of being an high class escort. This interview takes place at our office.

Step 6: We will set up your first bookings with clients we believe are suitable for escorts with little experience. After your first bookings we will evaluate your continuation with our company.

The total application process takes at least one month. You can not become a high class escort overnight. Keep in mind we receive hundreds of applications per month but only a few applicants eventually join our portfolio. We do our very best to offer an efficient, professional yet comfortable application process during which your efforts are not only appreciated but also expected. The application procedure as explained above is the only possible way to apply with us. Emails with some pictures and a brief introduction are always ignored and deleted. So are questions such as “how do I apply”, this is thoroughly explained on this page after all. Neither is it possible to “come by for an introduction”. This is what all applicants want but is only possible when you have reached step 4 of the application process. We thank you for your understanding and look forward to making your acquaintance soon.

Recruitment form