What exactly happens during an escort booking?

What exactly happens during an escort booking?

What exactly happens during a booking with a high class escort?

In our blog we try to respond to questions that we regularly encounter. A question that has recently come up again is 'but what exactly happens during a booking?' This question is usually asked by potential clients who have a short booking of 2 to 3 hours in mind. About a quarter of our bookings are bookings of this duration.

In this blog we tell you more about what usually happens during a booking of this duration. During our interaction with clients, we also noticed that this question often comes from people who have no experience with high class escorting, but only with forms of sex work that mainly focus on purely erotic services. Although this part is certainly part of a booking with Society Service, the introduction and build-up parts always precede this!

The start of your time with the high class escort

When the escort arrives, take her coat and welcome her with something tasty to eat and drink. It is common for your escort to introduce themselves with a hand and three kisses on the cheek or a kiss on the cheek and hug. Do not welcome your escort with a French kiss, that is still inappropriate at this time. If a payment is still due, this is the time to hand this over to the escort. The escort will then let us know that she has arrived safely.

Part 1 of 3: You get to know your high class escort better

Whether it is your first booking with this escort or your tenth booking; every booking starts with getting to know each other better on a social, emotional and intellectual level. This introduction requires a minimum of 30 minutes, but it is more common that at least the first hour is spent on this. It is important that your interest in each other is genuine and that you actively participate. This way you build a connection with your high class escort, which is very important as the booking progresses. If you see the introduction as a necessary evil that you would rather skip, we fear that our escort service is unfortunately not the right choice for you.

Part 2 of 3: Initiative is taken towards eroticism and intimacy

As the conversation with the escort progresses, the tone will become flirtatious. Over time, the client or escort will feel that there is room to take the initiative for a more intimate setting. Perhaps there are some playful touches, such as a caressing hand, a first kiss, sexy compliments, conversations about erotic preferences, etc. Your escort will probably suggest you share a bath or shower and offer you an erotic massage. Of course you can also ask the escort to massage her! Don't turn down an invitation for a bath or shower. It is relaxing and erotic but sometimes also a subtle hint for some extra body cleansing.

Part 3 of 3: The Girlfriend Experience

At this point in the booking it is usual that you have already kissed your high class escort. After all, this is an important part of the Girlfriend Experience. You are probably relaxed and excited from the warm bath and sensual massage. It is common for you to share extensive foreplay with your high class escort, such as oral sex (giving and receiving) and having sex with each other in a number of positions. One client will reach several orgasms during a booking, the other none. This also applies to the escort. The most important thing is that both you and the escort enjoy the eroticism and an orgasm is a secondary issue and not the main issue. Because special preferences such as anal sex and BDSM require a longer build-up and introduction, these are usually not possible during very short bookings.

The end of your booking with the high class escort

About 10 minutes before the time you booked expires, the escort will receive a reminder from us. If you choose not to extend your time with the escort, this will be the moment that the escort will freshen up and change. These last minutes of your booking are reserved for this purpose. After handing over her coat like a gentleman, you share a final kiss and hug. The escort will now leave the booking, for reasons of discretion it is not desirable for you to accompany her further.


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