Useful tips to improve your conversation skills

Useful tips to improve your conversation skills

Tips to get to know your high class escort better

Having a conversation is not nearly as self-evident as some may think. One person does this very easily, while another has to do his or her best to keep a conversation going. Add to this the nerves that often come to mind when booking a stunning high class escort. This combination can ensure that a conversation with the high class does not go as smoothly as hoped, while getting to know each other is an important part of a booking. We have listed some tips for clients who would like to receive some advice on how to have a smooth conversation with a high class escort.

Be yourself when booking with our escort service

Pretending to be different than you are costs a lot of energy and does not contribute to a good conversation with each other. After all, this is only possible when what you say is sincere and authentic, and it is not when you pretend otherwise. Therefore stay as much as possible yourself and be as open and honest as you can. You can safely indicate that you are (very) nervous. The high class escort can take this into account. In addition, the following also applies to having a conversation: practice makes perfect. Perhaps during your first booking the conversation is still a bit stiff, this will improve as time goes on. Your nerves will also decrease as a result. Do you notice that you are extremely nervous? We advise that you do not plan your booking too far in advance but that it takes place in the near future. The longer you plan the booking, the better you can prepare for it. However, there is also a chance that your nerves take the better of you and you no longer dare to make the booking, that would be a shame.

Compliment the escort and be positive

We previously stated that it is important to be open and honest. That is also very important, but try to avoid offending the other person. It is therefore important to stay positive, complaining and negativity are no fun. What actually contributes to a good atmosphere is giving and receiving compliments. This is very pleasant for both parties. Compliments can be made about many different things, such as that the high class escort smells nice, looks beautiful, wears nice clothes, has a sweet smile, etcetera.

Eye contact and physical contact with the escort

Making eye contact can be tensive, especially when you are already nervous. Still, eye contact ensures that your high class escort feels that you are involved in the conversation and this brings you closer together. Touching each other can also bring you closer together and calm the nerves. The high class escort will therefore touch you regularly during the conversation, for example by putting a hand on your knee. If you find these types of touches too exciting or stressful, please inform the escort. The high class escort will leave the initiative for first touches with you. So you can set the tempo all by yourself.

Think up topics for discussion and answers beforehand

A pleasant conversation is the result of two (or more) people who show genuine interest in each other. You would like to get to know your high class escort better, and vice versa. There are a number of questions that are almost always addressed; What do you do in daily life? What are your hobbies, interests, travel experiences? You can ask these questions to your high class escort, but you can also assume that the escort will also ask you these questions. That is why you can determine in advance what your answers to these questions are so that you can practice this. You can also think of nice questions in advance to ask the escort. Almost nothing is off limits, but we recommend avoiding topics like religion and politics. These kinds of subjects can result in heated discussions, which do not bring you closer together but rather create distance. Suggestions of questions you can ask are; Are you an indoor or outdoor person? Which country would you like to visit? What is your favorite dish? Are you being asked something? Then, after your answer, ask the question in return: And how about you? Need more inspiration? A number of psychologists compiled a list of 36 questions to create extra intimacy between two people.

Be open to the unexpected and new experiences

No matter how well you prepare for the conversation with your high class escort, it is inevitable that unexpected situations will occur that you had not considered. The high class escort can ask you unexpected questions or give other answers than you had thought up beforehand. This is very normal. In addition, it will also not be possible to interpret the meaning behind all minor gestures, body language, silence and intonation differences. You will therefore have to accept that a booking and conversation with a high class escort involves a number of uncertainties and unexpected situations. By considering this beforehand, it will be easier to grasp when something like this presents itself. The location of your booking can also lead to unexpected situations. If possible, as in the case of a restaurant or bar, you can take a look here prior to the booking to familiarize yourself with the location. It may also be advisable to select a location that is quieter, without too much noise and chaos, so that you can focus on the conversation with your high class escort and enjoy it to the fullest. Because let's not forget that getting to know your high class escort might be very tensive, but also a lot of fun!