Favorite snacks of our high class escorts

Favorite snacks of our high class escorts

Our high class escorts talk about their favorite snacks

Does your booking not start with an extensive dinner, but do you still want to receive your high class escort hospitably? Then make sure there is a tasty snack and drink ready. In the profile of each escort you will already find more information about favorite cuisines. In this blog, however, we discuss the specific types of snacks, for which our escorts completed a survey.

Every booking at Society Service starts with getting to know each other (better) and your escort prefers to do that while enjoying something tasty to nibble and drink. Not only will this hospitable and gallant gesture be appreciated by your escort, it also has a practical reason. Travel time and preparation precede many bookings. Chances are it's been a while since your escort had a meal. We probably don't have to explain to you that feeling hungry does not benefit the escort's libido.

Favorite snacks during your escort booking in the morning

If your booking takes place in the morning, our high class escorts will be happy to have breakfast with you. That is always a requirement when you spend the night together, but our escorts can also appreciate a breakfast if your booking starts early in the day. The vast majority of our escorts prefer fresh fruit. Do you like a hearty breakfast yourself or could you use some extra energy before or after some sexy fun in bed? Then our escorts especially enjoy a breakfast with avocado and eggs.

Favorite snacks during your escort booking in the afternoon

Also in the afternoon, the favorite snack is: fresh fruit. But in addition, our high class escorts also like to be surprises with fresh oysters. In terms of other snacks, our escorts prefer warm and savory. Nevertheless, chocolate also makes many high class escort hearts beat faster. The opinions vary about what type of chocolate. The number of escorts who like white, milk or pure chocolate are almost the same. They are however in agreement about something else; the taste caramel sea salt is unanimously appreciated. But most of all, our high class escorts love bonbons, so they can enjoy different flavors.

Favorite snacks during your escort booking in the evening

In the evening, the snacks can be a bit more hearty according to our high class escort. That is why the preference is for a cheese platter. This is followed by the favorites of the afternoon; oysters and fresh fruit. You can leave out the nuts and deep fried snacks, that does not make our escorts happy. Nor will you make them happy with a fish platter. Unlike oysters, our escorts do not consider this a suitable choice. A charcuterie platter is slightly more appreciated, but limit it to a good ham such as Pata Negra and leave out the salami with garlic. Please check first whether your escort is not a vegetarian. This is then listed as a favorite kitchen in the profile of the escort.


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