Taking initiative during your escort booking

Taking initiative during your escort booking

Taking initiative during your booking with a high class escort

The social aspect of a booking is at least as important as the erotic aspect. We are very clear about this on our website. The eroticism you share with your high class escort is usually a natural result of the connection you previously built on a social level. But what if it doesn't come naturally? How does that work with taking the initiative? We will go into that in this blog.

In 8 out of 10 bookings, a booking goes very natural. You get to know each other better while enjoying something to eat, drink or a fun activity together and you build up the tension and connection between you and the high class escort and you get closer and closer. But sometimes the pace towards eroticism of the client is too fast and other times too slow. We discuss both options.

The client takes too much initiative towards eroticism

During about 10% of the booking, the high class escort feels that the client's pace towards the erotic aspect of the booking is too fast compared to the escort's wishes and needs. At best, this will give the escort the feeling that you are very enthusiastic. But at worst, this results in transgressive behavior. With every booking, the escort will need to wait and see what type of person you are. Therefore, when you set the pace too high and force the step towards eroticism, the escort will always slam the brakes. There are a few tips we would like to give you:

  • Do you notice that the fire has already been kindled with you, but the first 30 minutes of the booking have not yet passed? Then initiative towards the erotic aspect is absolutely out of the question.
  • Have the first 30 minutes long passed, but the escort does not respond as enthusiastically to your advances as you are? Then it is important to build up more slowly. Start with a gentle touch, such as a hand on the knee, a kiss on the cheek, a caress on the back and only continue when the escort responds. After all, people tend to do to others what they themselves wish, so wait until the escort responds to these first advances and only then continue.
  • Does your escort literally distance herself from you by pushing your hands away and moving away from you to, for example, the toilet? That is a clear signal that the escort is not yet ready for the next step. You will really have to be more patient. Do not forget that how pleasant your high class escort experiences intimacy has direct consequences for the pleasure you experience from it. So it is in your interest to adjust your pace.
  • Are you unsure? Then discuss it. After all, crossing boundaries is not an option. Discuss your desires and wishes, but also listen to those of your escort and ask what the escort thinks would be a nice way to get closer together.

The client takes too little initiative towards eroticism

During about 10% of our bookings, the escort indicates that the client took too little initiative towards eroticism. Eroticism can be seen as a dance. It's fine for one to take the lead during the dance, but you can't drag the other across the dance floor. Perhaps you shut down a bit due to nerves. Or perhaps you assume that the escort will 'get the job done' and you can sit back and relax. Nothing is less true; your active participation is required to make erotica enjoyable for both. In addition, our escorts are also alert to transgressive behavior and will therefore never force themselves on a client. If you have trouble taking the initiative, these are our tips:

  • Talk about it. Indicate that you are nervous or find it very exciting. Discuss your desires and wishes so that your escort knows what they are, even though your body language may say otherwise. During erotic contact, try not to forget to make it clear to your escort that you are having a great time with words of encouragement and compliments such as 'you feel so wonderful'. Literally keep in contact with the escort by resting your hand on the escort's body and stroking it gently.
  • To get in the mood, your high class escort will probably offer you a bath and/or erotic massage. A warm bath is a wonderful way to get used to being naked in each other's presence and a massage is a pleasant way to explore each other's body without getting too excited. Feel free to remain passive while receiving a massage, but keep giving clear signals that you like it by saying so, moaning when the right spots are hit or caressing your escort now and then.
  • Having sex is an activity, so be active. As a rule, you can assume that someone else will do to you what they would also like to receive. Does the escort kiss you? Then the escort will also be happy to receive these kisses. Does the escort make an effort to please you with wonderful foreplay? Then it goes without saying that you will return this effort. Is penetration taking place? Then the escort will like changing a position and thus switching from the most active to less active position. The main thing is that you both put energy into it and that this does not get out of balance, such as when the escort gives a lot of energy and you give very little.


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