A small rate change with our escortservice

A small rate change with our escortservice

A small change to the rate conditions at our escortservice

It goes without saying that we prefer to receive only positive feedback about both our organization and the high class escorts, but points for improvement are always very welcome. Such feedback ensures that we can further perfect our service. We introduced our new rates and associated conditions in mid-January. We received feedback from a number of clients and made a small adjustment to the rate conditions based on this.

The conditions for extending the time with your escort are changing

When introducing the new rates, we wanted to encourage Overnight bookings and Dinner Dates, which is why these are available at reduced rates. To stimulate the extension of a booking to an overnight booking, special conditions applied when extending your booking by 3 hours or more at a time. However, this caused a lot of confusion and our clients provided feedback on how they would prefer the conditions for extending bookings. Who are we to know everything better, so we have seriously thought about the feedback and implemented some elements of it.

For bookings that are placed from now on you can extend within the first half of your original booking duration to any desired booking duration within the same rate category. So you can indicate during this first half of your booking that you prefer to spend an hour more with your escort, or perhaps even an entire night longer. You only pay the additional price for the extra duration. Your escort will receive a reminder when the first half of your booking is about to end, but we expect you as a client to keep track of the time as well.

From the second half of your original booking period you can of course also extend your booking, but an extension is seen as a new booking. For extensions of an hour or two, a fixed rate per hour applies, if you extend by several hours at the same time, the costs are equal to the same duration in accordance with the Standard Rates. In the profile of your escort you can view the rates of such an extension.

Changing the conditions of your future booking

The rate conditions that apply to your booking are those in force at the time your booking is confirmed by us. It is very common with our escortservice that bookings are placed well in advance, especially at this time. If you would like to apply the new conditions to your future booking, please do not hesitate to submit your request to us. If the booked escort also agrees with this, we can simply apply the new conditions to your already confirmed but future booking. Keep in mind; if you wish to change your booking to the new conditions, the new rates will also apply. You can't cherrypick for example the old rates combined with the new conditions, it's all or nothing.


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