Rate change at our high end escortservice

Rate change at our high end escortservice

The rates of our high end escorts will change

The last time we changed our rates was in 2011. Already ten years ago, time flies! We were the first high end escort service in the Netherlands to offer a rate including travel expenses up to 150 km. We also decided then to no longer charge extra for 'extra services', such as more naughty preferences. This was not in line with our vision because the idea behind our services is a mutually enjoyable get-together, based on what feels comfortable for both at the time and is not based on an extra fee. Now, more than 10 years later, it is time for a new rate change.

To get straight to the point; most of the changes will result in a (mild) increase in rates. In January 2021, the new rates will be presented in the profiles of our high end escorts and from that moment on they will also be valid. Are you booking before then? Then the rate listed at that time in the profile of the escort applies to your booking, even if your booking only takes place months later. We'll discuss the major changes and our thoughts behind them here.

The different rate groups will remain

As a fully legal escort service, it is important that we adhere to all agreements regarding our permit. This includes that the escort must be free to determine his or her own rates. This is why you see differences in the rates between our high end escorts.To not over complicate things, we have made a number of rate groups. Together with the escort, we choose which rate group best suits his or her situation, wishes and profile. The rate of the escort roughly consists of four components; the net wages of the escort, to cover expenses (for example, travel expenses), taxes and our agency rate. The difference in agency rate between the different rate groups is so small that it does not affect us in any way during the matchmaking procedure to choose your perfect escort. So you don't have to worry about that. The differences between the rate groups mostly influence the wages of the escort.

A new introduction rate for new escorts

For new escorts added from January 2021, a special and reduced introductory rate will apply to the first bookings. At the same time, we set stricter requirements for the bookings and clients who are allowed to meet our newest escorts and we demand a very extensive feedback from them about the new escort. In this way we can get to know the escort better and mediate better for the escort. Because the client contributes to our services, providing feedback is time-consuming and the new escort probably does not have (professional) photos yet, we think a reduced introduction rate is justified. This reduction is mainly at the expense of our agency rate, not the wages of the escort.

Dinner dates and overnights are preferred

We consulted with our high end escorts regarding this rate change. With our new rates, we want to stimulate the bookings they enjoy the most and can be best combined with their other obligations, such as a full-time job or study. This showed that the strong preference of our escorts goes to bookings that start with lunch or dinner and overnight stays. The rates for such bookings will therefore not or hardly increase. The number of overnight options is increasing and extending to an overnight stay is also becoming easier. The main rate increase will be with bookings longer than 16 hours, because these are often relatively difficult to organize for the escorts. We also lagged far behind with these rates compared to our competitors. Now, we would much rather be ahead of our competitors than follow their lead, but a far too great price difference had developed. Finally, we want to encourage advance bookings, therefore extending a booking with extra hours will become more expensive. Unless you extend to an overnight stay.

Guaranteed bookings

When we talked to our escorts about the new rates, something else was also discussed; to what extent is the escort flexible and willing to change existing obligations (work, study, social, etc) for a booking and to what extent does this apply at all. Availability differs enormously among the escorts. To find a middle ground, we therefore introduce Guaranteed Bookings with a number of escorts. This means that you can submit a request for a booking with these escorts when the escort is not listed as available. The escort will then see if he or she can change the plans to meet your request. As compensation, this booking can no longer be canceled free of charge. With the introduction of the new rates, the availability of the escorts will also be reinstalled in the profiles. This shows whether the escort is open to guaranteed bookings.


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