Rates vs quality

Rates vs quality at an escortservice

Lately, we've noticed several companies that are providing us with corporate services to increase their rates. Our telecom partner wrote to us: "From juli 1st 2017 we are changing our rates. This way we can continue to invest in our products and services." Our insurance dealer wrote that "due to an increase in damages we have decided to alter our rates." You have most likely received similar messages. But not from our high class escortservice. At Society Service, we have had the same rates since 2011. Just before, we have slightly changed our rates, from rates excluding travel expenses to rates including travel expenses. But at the the end of the day, this resulted in very little changes to our clients. In fact; most bookings where prices at a better rate for the client.

Improvements at our exclusive escortservice

The telecom company wants to improve their products and services. Great, we want to do the same. We often inform you of our newest services, courses our high class escorts have concluded and new payment options. In addition, many changes are made at the backend of our escortservice, which you do not notice at all. For instance, we have completely changed our internal communication and CRM last year, with as its main goal to better protect your privacy and the privacy of our high class escorts. After all, online privacy is a hot topic, as many other parties have learned through trial and error. To realize this change, a large investment was required, just like the insurance company. Yet, we have not changed the rates of our exclusive escortservice.

Escort rates and quality

To our opinion, higher rates are not required to realize improvement of quality. Annually, we reserve a significant part of our profits to improve the quality of the services we offer. This is a returning process, which we continue to invest in. Even though the consequences might not always be visible to you, we remain thinking such investments are required to dazzle our clients with our professionalism, service and of course our stunning ladies. We do not require an extra payment from you, contrary to other corporate service providers apparently. At our high class escortservice, it is normal to invest part of our profits in better service towards our clients. We do this because we genuinely want to be the best in what we do. This is not a simple statement on our website, but something we actually live up to and will remain to do so. Because our clients return to us, we can actually continue to improve and free the means the do so. We do not require a raise in our rates.

Exclusive escorts with higher rates

While on the subject, we would like to address why some of our high class escorts have higher rates from others. The only reason for this is the fact that all escorts are free to chose their own rates. It is a legal obligation that we gladly meet. However, eventually we determine if we want to mediate the escort at this rate or not. The most important reasons for higher rates than average are the travel distance and the availability of the escort. We work with luxurious escorts who all have fulltime obligations towards their studies or job, and just work as an escort on the side. That is what makes them so interesting, and therefore we do not want to change this. We do not work with professionals, who are fulltime escorts, merely with escorts who see this as an exciting addition to their life. When a lady is (repeatably) invited again or is required to travel a bit further for her bookings, she is more likely to switch to a higher rate. This does not mean one escort is better than an other. All of our escorts are spectaculair, in their own unique way. To find your best match we gladly invite you to complete our matchmaking form.