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Meet our newest high class escort girls and gigolos

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest high class escorts. It is however very important to us that our escorts are feeling comfortable, especially on (one of) their first booking(s). Therefore there are some special requirements for meeting our newest escorts.

Deciding to become an high class escort does not happen overnight. Most of the young ladies and gentlemen who apply with us have thought about working as an high class escort for months, sometimes even years. When we meet someone who meets our criteria, he or she is not just sent off to the first bookings. The new escorts are given some time to think about their decision and receive lots of information, after which they are asked to reconsider their choice. So by the time we represent an escort on our website, we’ve been in touch with the escort for at least a few months. We do this to make sure the escort is feeling comfortable and confident about their choice and of course to get to know each other a little bit better.

The first bookings of a new escort are very special

After months of looking forward to the first booking, the moment has finally arrived; the first booking is a fact. This is a special and unforgettable experience for both the escort and the client. What makes a booking with a new escort attractive to many clients is the idea that the escort is less professional due to her limited experiences and the booking is therefore more intimate. While none of our escorts are seasoned pros, we understand the appeal of this. However, the inexperience of the new escort also makes the escort more vulnerable to boundaries being pushed. The escort is not yet very familiar with what is common during a booking. To ensure that the escort’s first booking(s) is an enjoyable experience for both the escort and the client, we are very selective in which clients have the opportunity to book our newest escorts.

Are you eligible to book with a new escort?

If you are in possession of a Member Account, it is listed below your member points and member level if you are eligible for meeting our newest high class escorts. When we inform you you are not (yet) able to book our newest escorts, this is not intended as an insult. Perhaps we do not yet know you well enough and is meeting our newest escorts possible in the future. But most likely we feel your desires do not meet the needs of a new escort and what the new escort can offer you. Although the comfort of the new escort is our priority, eventually we wish to satisfy both parties and such a rejection is in your interest as well. We count on your understanding and gladly introduce you to one of our other wonderful more experienced escorts.

Special requirements for booking a new escort

There are a number of special requirements for bookings with our newest escorts. Are you not comfortable with these or do you not meet these requirements? Then there is nothing else to do than wait until the escort in question has gained some more experience.

We have previous positive experiences with you

There are many things to consider when booking a new escort. This requires a special approach and we do not yet know if a new client can offer this. Our newest high class escorts and gigolos are therefore only introduced to our repeat clients, with whom our more experienced escorts have had pleasant previous experiences. If you have pushed boundaries during bookings in the past, for example by asking for unsafe (oral) sex or personal (contact) details, you are excluded from meeting our newest escorts.

You have certain character traits

Clients eligible to meet our newest escorts also enjoy offering new escorts a relaxing and above all pleasant first experience and see it as a privilege to be offered the possibility to do so. They are sweet, empathetic, very socially skilled, extremely courteous, very patient, understanding towards nervousness and prioritize the comfort of the new escort over their own enjoyment. They are able to put the new escort at ease, are full of initiative and are happy to take the lead during these first bookings, without pushing or rushing towards erotic contact.

An extensive introduction is required

During a booking with a new escort, the focus is at least as much on the social aspect as the erotic part of the booking. An extensive introduction is required, preferably while enjoying a lunch, dinner or other social activity. Dinner dates and overnight bookings are therefore preferred. For bookings shorter than 10 hours and/or that end before 6 in the morning, at least the first half of the booking will be spent on the social aspect of the booking. For longer bookings and/or that end after 6:00 in the morning, at least the first two hours of the booking will be spent on the social aspect and the escort can sleep undisturbed for at least 5 hours during the booking.

No extra services and specific clients

The first bookings are very exciting for the escort. To prevent things getting too exciting, extra services, such as A-levels (anal sex), BDSM, Pornstar Experience and fetish play are not possible with our newest escorts. However, assuming all goes well, our new escorts are available for a romantic Girlfriend Experience and Boyfriend Experience.

Our new escorts are not available for the Interact Service or clients older than 60 years. Couples can book our newest escorts, but when you are inexperienced with threesomes yourself and are perhaps a bit more nervous as well, we recommend selecting a more experienced escort. If the new escort is available for a duo booking, this is possible as well. A more experienced escort can guide the new escort. This offers a very exciting learning experience for the new escort, but the more experienced escort will also very much enjoy contributing to this.

The new escort can prematurely terminate the booking

Just like anything else you try for a first time, this is no different. If the escort does not feel comfortable, the escort can terminate the booking at any time without giving any reason. You will still pay for the time spend with the escort, with a minimum of the escort’s starting rate. Because our new escorts are very well informed on what to expect, chances of this happening are very small but existing.

You provide us with extensive feedback

The rates for bookings with our newest escorts are lower than the rates of other escorts. This is because we don’t know the new escorts very well and our matchmaking skills have yet to be developed for the new escorts. Your extensive feedback is necessary to achieve this. In addition, the majority of new escorts do not yet have (professional) photos available and this requires some extra trust in us on your part. We compensate the extra effort for providing extensive feedback and extra trust in us with lower rates for the new escorts. Your feedback is requested once after your booking with the new escort and should be provided within a week. If no feedback is provided, additional reminders are not provided but you are no longer eligible to meet our newest escorts.

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