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Meet our newest high class escort girls and gigolos

We are very excited to introduce you to our newest high class escorts. It is however very important to us that our escorts are feeling comfortable, especially on (one of) their first booking(s).

Deciding to become an high class escort does not happen overnight. Most of the young ladies and gentlemen who apply with us have thought about working as an high class escort for months, sometimes even years. When we meet someone who meets our criteria, he or she is not just sent off to the first bookings. The new escorts are given some time to think about their decision and receive lots of information, after which they are asked to reconsider their choice. So by the time we represent an escort on our website, we’ve been in touch with the escort for at least a few months. We do this to make sure the escort is feeling comfortable and confident about their choice and of course to get to know each other a little bit better.

Meet a “virgin” escort or gigolo

In setting up the first bookings of our newest escorts, the comfort of the escort is priority to us. To match the newest escorts to clients is far more difficult as this requires a little bit of special treatment and we don’t know the escort as well as some of our other high class escorts just yet. Aside from that, the new escort is still relatively inexperienced, nervous and perhaps a bit insecure, all things to take into consideration. When we are not completely sure the client can also offer this special treatment to the new escort, we will decline the booking request. Our newest escorts are therefore not introduced to clients that are new to us as well.

The comfort of the new escort is our priority

It might sound unbelievable to you, the respectful person that you are, but there are actually people who prefer to see “the new boys and girls” because they can “get away” with much more because the escort is not confident enough yet to set strong boundaries and is not yet familiar with what’s done and not done during bookings. And since such requests are made, there are escortagencies offering this as well. We are not one of them.

Client requirements to meet our newest escorts

Our newest high class escorts and gigolos are introduced only to our repeat clientele, with whom our more experienced escorts have had pleasant previous experiences. Clients eligible to meet our newest escorts want the focus of a booking to be as much on the social aspect as the erotic part and are socially very skilled. They enjoy offering new escorts a relaxing and above all pleasant first experience and see it as a privilege to be offered the possibility to do so. They are sweet, empathic, understanding about nervousness and prioritize the comfort of the new escort over their own enjoyment.

If you are in possession of a Member Account, it is listed below your member points and member level if you are eligible for meeting our newest high class escorts.

What to keep in mind when you book a new escort

Just like anything else you try for a first time, this is no different. If the escort does not feel comfortable at any time and wishes to terminate the booking, you will still pay for the time spend with the escort, with a minimum of € 250. It is also possible the escort changes his or her mind at the last minute, right before your booking, in which case we will do our very best to offer an alternative escort. If you do not feel comfortable with these risks, we suggest you wait a little while until the escort of your interest has developed some experience with Society Service, or book one of our more experienced high class escorts.

Our newest escorts are well informed

All escorts are tutored throughout their time with Society Service. They will go through several courses, such as erotic massage, etiquette, striptease, tantric techniques but also styling and make-up. Even though their tutoring might not be completed yet, all escorts are explained about many different booking aspects before a first booking. Please do not embarrass yourself, or the escort, with requests for unsafe (oral) sex or personal (contact) details. If you have done so in the past, you are excluded from meeting our newest escorts.

Extra services are not possible with new escorts

The first bookings are very exciting for the escort. To prevent things getting too exciting, extra services, such as A-levels (anal sex), BDSM, Pornstar Experience and fetish play are not possible with our newest escorts. However, assuming all goes well, our new escorts are available for a romantic Girlfriend Experience and Boyfriend Experience.

Type of clients and bookings for new escorts

Neither are our new escorts available for the Interact Service or clients older than 60 years. Couples can book our newest escorts, but when you are inexperienced with threesomes yourself and are perhaps a bit more nervous as well, we recommend selecting a more experienced escort. Clothing preferences can be made, but eventually, we encourage our newest escorts to dress as they feel comfortabel. As mentioned before; these first experiences area focused around the comfort and enjoyment of the new escort.

Some suggestions for a first booking

Assuming that you are the type of person we welcome and expect, you most likely already know how to make someone feel comfortable. Don’t grope the escort the minute he or she walks in, no matter how gorgeous the escort looks. In practical terms; at least the first hour and half of the booking will be spent getting to know each other outside the bedroom. Be courteous. Take the coat, pay each other a compliment, offer a drink and make the escort feel at ease. A few chocolates or even a small gift are ideal to set the mood.

Getting in the mood…

Please make sure to arrange all financial matters at the beginning of your time together. The escort will then call us to let us know he or she has arrived safely and is feeling comfortable. The escort will most likely be a bit nervous. Ask the escort about his or her life and interests without invading the privacy. Then, when you feel both of you are at ease, make a move towards seducing your escort, a kiss, a bath, a massage and more…

A duo booking with a more experienced escort

An additional suggestion is a duo booking. The new escort will be asked to select her favourite duo partners of which one will join her on her first booking. A more experienced escort will make the new escort feel more relaxed. This offers a very exciting learning experience for the new escort, but the more experienced escort will also very much enjoy contributing to this.

Our goal is a mutually enjoyable experience

Finally, when we inform you you are not (yet) able to book our newest escorts, this is not intended as an insult. Perhaps we do not yet know you well enough and is meeting our newest escorts possible in the future. But most likely we feel your desires do not meet the needs of a new escort and what the new escort can offer you. Eventually we wish to satisfy both parties and such a rejection is in your interest as well. We hope for your understanding, but count on your respect. After all, by attempting to negotiate on our decision only shows we were right not to introduce you to our newest escorts, so deal with it and choose one of our other wonderful more experienced escorts.

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