Additional information working as a gigolo

Since our establishment in 2006, we mainly focus on female high class escorts for our male clients and couples. As time progressed and our client base grew, there was an increasing demand for male escorts, or gigolos. That is why we decided a few years ago to add a gigolo department to our high class escort service.

Which clients book a high class gigolo?

We have a relatively large number of requests from couples who would like to book a gigolo for a heterosexual threesome. The focus is there is on the female client and there is no erotic contact between the men. Our gigolos are also regularly booked by female clients. Finally, we would also like to offer bisexual and gay high class gigolos to male clients.

When can you apply for work as a gigolo?

We strive for a varied supply of about 8 to 12 gigolos. Applying is only useful if we currently offer less than 12 gigolos on our website and your profile does not closely resemble that of a gigolo that we already represent. In this way we ensure that we keep the collaboration with the gigolos fruitful. However, the number of bookings for our gigolos is usually limited to just a few per month.

In addition to the requirements for working as a high class escort, there are a number of additional requirements for gigolos. In terms of appearance, you must have an athletic or muscular body type and be at least 180 cm tall. You wear a condom size medium or larger and are confident, experienced and competent as a bed partner. You are skilled in techniques such as g-spot massage and have no difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. You mainly derive pleasure from the enjoyment of the other person and give this priority over your own desires.

Do you meet all the requirements and do you think you are a good addition to our portfolio of gigolos? Then start the application process!