Caviar Experience

When only the best is good enough

One of our clients once told us “I am a man of simple taste, the best is always good enough for me”. In light of that we are always looking to offer our clients special services and what better way than combining two luxuries, or perhaps even three. Imagine, licking caviar from the hand (or any other body part…) of your escort, while enjoying a glass of fine champagne. We offer you a special Caviar Experience at our high class escortservice.

A little bit more about caviar

Caviar, food of the richest in the world and one of the most delicate products there is. Caviar is a delicacy consisting of salt-cured fish-eggs of the Acipenseridae family. In general, caviar from the wild sturgeon from the Caspian Sea is preferred due to its special taste and even more beautiful mouthfeel. Countries on the Caspian Sea (Russia, Azerbaijan, Iran and Kazakhstan) are the biggest caviar producers in the world. Caviar is harvested by hand when the fish are no longer living. At first, the caviar is jet-black but start shining when salt is added. Impurities are removed with tweezers and the caviar is sorted by size.

Caviar is best eaten as natural as possible. Most people use a pearl spoon to put some caviar on the mouse of your clenched fist and then press it slowly against your palate with your tongue. The classic way to enjoy caviar is on a blini with some sour cream. The modern way to enjoy caviar is on a walnut. For a complete experience, caviar is best combined with Vodka or Champagne.

Caviar Experience with your high class escort

We offer you some amazing options for your very own caviar experience with your high class escort. The caviar is delivered to your booking in a special cooling bag, with walnuts (to put the caviar on) and a pearl spoon.

Caviar Selection

Beluga Huso-Huso (Iran): The most exclusive caviar available worldwide, with the most complex and distinct caviar flavor. The flavor is salty, creamy, nutty and provides a great mouthfeel. The Beluga sturgeon is the largest of all kinds. This caviar comes from House of Caviar’s own farm in Iran on the shores of the Caspian Sea, where the sturgeons live in a very natural environment. This farm is the only farm in the world where 100% Beluga sturgeons are grown, it is unique! Price: €300 (50 gr) or €700 (125 gr)

Perle Imperial (China): This caviar derives from a hybrid sturgeon, a crossing between Huso Dauricus (Beluga related) and Acipenser Schrenckii (Asetra related). The farm is at a huge natural lake in China, more than 200 meters deep, where the sturgeons grow up, swimming around freely and providing for their own food, which positively effects the taste and quality of the caviar. Price: €125 (50 gr) or €250 (125 gr)

Baerli Classic (Italy): This caviar derives from a hybrid sturgeon, a crossing between Acipenser Baeri and Naccari. The caviar is deep black by colour with a relatively small grain and soft structure. The caviar remains unwashed, which provides a very pure caviar taste. Price: €50 (50 gr) or €100 (125 gr)


Delivery is done by private driver, the pickup point of all orders is Amsterdam. For orders over €250 delivery is included within Amsterdam. For orders under €250 and outside Amsterdam we will charge you a little less of what a regular taxi would charge for the same ride.

At least 48 hours notice is required for this ultra luxurious experience. A prepayment is required for new clients. All offers are subject to availability. Cancellation of your order is subject to a 50% cancellation fee of your total order.