Luxury hotels with gourmet restaurant

Luxury hotels with gourmet restaurant

Suggestions for luxurious hotels with a fantastic gourmet restaurant

The new corona measures will remain in force for a while; dining in restaurants will not be possible in the Netherlands for more than a month. A great pity, because while enjoying a delicious dinner you can undoubtedly appreciate the company of your high class escort even better. In previous blogs we already came up with various suggestions to supplement this in a different way. Now we will discuss the one possibility that still exists to have dinner in a restaurant. As a hotel guest, it is possible to dine in the restaurant of a hotel, although alcoholic refreshments are no longer served after 20:00. As far as we are concerned, these are the best locations in the Netherlands, outside the major cities such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum, province Utrecht

Parc Broekhuizen in Leersum is located in the heart of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park. This is a unique nature reserve and you can enjoy hiking, cycling and golf in the area. The hotel's restaurant (Voltaire) has a Michelin star and you can enjoy international dishes with both Dutch and Asian influences in a hip and relaxed atmosphere.

Auberge du Bonheur in Tilburg, province Noord Brabant

At Auberge du Bonheur near Tilburg you can spend the night in luxury and enjoy the gastronomic French cuisine of restaurant La Nouvelle Auberge. All rooms in the hotel have a modern and unique look, but for the ultimate pampering you can of course book the hotel suite, equipped with a bubble bath.

Merlet in Schoorl, province North Holland

An hour's drive above Amsterdam, near Alkmaar and on the coast, you will find hotel and restaurant Merlet. The restaurant has been the proud holder of a Michelin star for more than 20 years and cooks modern and refined dishes. You can also enjoy excellent vegetarian dining here. In the hotel you can choose from one of the beautiful (themed) suites. Our personal favorite is the Love Under Construction suite.

Karel V in Utrecht, province Utrecht

Right in the center of Utrecht you will find hotel and restaurant Karel V. In the beautiful stately building there is both a five star hotel with luxury suites and the gastronomic restaurant Karel 5. Here you can enjoy creative dining in a chic atmosphere at an iconic location. Despite the building being a former monastery, your overnight stay will be anything but modest.

Château St. Gerlach in Valkenburg, province Limburg

Château St. Gerlach is located in Valkenburg, a 10-minute drive from Maastricht. An estate full of memories and with overwhelming beauty and grandeur. In the hotel is Bistrot de Liège. Although a bistrot may remind you of a very casual setting, that is by no means the case at Château St. Gerlach. Both the location and dishes are as grandeur as the rest of the Château.

De Nederlanden in Vreeland aan de Vecht, province Utrecht

Restaurant and boutique hotel De Nederlanden in Vreeland aan de Vecht is located in the beautiful Vecht region. Specially for the guests of the boutique hotel, an 8-course menu is prepared daily from 4 pm by the best chefs in the Netherlands. The restaurant's interior is sleek but comfortable, the dishes full of different flavors. Let your senses be stimulated here together with your high class escort.

Grand hotel Huis ter Duin in Noordwijk, province South Holland

Located on the highest dune of Noordwijk, Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin is the ultimate get-a-way by the sea; Get some fresh air on the beach, enjoy culinary delights and relax in the spa. As a hotel guest, you can enjoy exclusively at Michelin star restaurant Latour, the best-rated restaurant in the Bollenstreek. The French oriented dishes offer an ultimate taste experience for even the most demanding connoisseur.


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