Working for a large and experienced escortservice

Working for a large and experienced escortservice

Become a high class escort with a large and experienced high class escort service

If you want to become a high class escort, there are a number of considerations you make when choosing which escort agency you want to work with. On this page we will tell you more about the benefits of working at a larger high class escort service with a lot of experience, such as Society Service.

Society Service distinguishes itself from other escort agencies in various ways. An obvious difference is the size of our company; Society Service is the largest high class escort service in the Netherlands and therefore the market leader. Whether this meets your wishes as a potential high class escort is entirely up to you. On this page we will tell you more about the benefits of this.

Long term experience and vision at our escortservice

You don't build a bigger company in a few years, that takes time. Society Service was founded in 2006 and over the years the company has grown and we have gained a lot of experience. This experience makes us experts in this field and you benefit from that expertise. We have also built up a pleasant relationship with important parties such as the municipality that issues our permit, the tax authorities, the police inspection team and agencies that offer support services to sex workers. Because we have been active in this industry for so long, we have learned, among other things, how important it is to be as open, honest and transparent as possible. We see it as our duty to provide you with the correct information you need to form a realistic picture of what it means to work as a high class escort. We are also honest about who you work with. We do not hide behind an alias or complicated corporate structures.

More escort bookings and higher earnings

Although earnings should not be your main motivation, an obvious advantage of a larger escort service is that there are more bookings, which results in higher earnings for you. Due to our size, we enjoy economies of scale, which means our margins and rates can remain somewhat lower. Although our rates may be slightly lower than most high class escort agencies, this is not at the expense of your earnings. At a high class escort service it is common for the mediation rates to amount to approximately 45% of the rate a client pays. At Society Service this percentage is much lower; around 35%. You do the math...

Professional and well organised agency

To keep a larger company running, it is important that you have your affairs in order. Only then can the larger number of bookings, requests and escorts be managed properly. Due to the size of our company, we have the resources and contacts to offer automation solutions, making your schedule, requests, administration and bookings much easier to manage for us, but especially for you. There is no administrative hassle, we work with a custom application in which you can view and manage everything. Your earnings are clear, transparent and well-arranged, for which you also receive a monthly slip. The conditions and agreements during our collaboration are laid down in an agreement in which both our interests are represented.

Room to make better choices

Due to the higher volume of bookings and the healthy financial situation of the company, we have room to make choices that may not be the most financially interesting, but do benefit your privacy, comfort and security. To guarantee your privacy, the photos on our website are relatively small and do not show any part of your face. During our collaboration, you do not have to pay for these photos or participation in course days, we will cover these costs. To ensure your safety, clients are screened and verified. Although clients sometimes find this annoying, it has meant that we have never had to deal with violence towards the escort and so-called 'fakers' who want to waste (y)our time don't stand a chance. In the choices we make we often think: how much would we enjoy carrying out this booking? With this in mind, it is logical that we refuse bookings that start in the middle of the night, involve drug use or excessive alcohol consumption, a disrespectful or disinterested attitude or where there appears to be only an interest in the erotic aspect. To name just a few examples. As a new escort, you are not thrown in at the deep end, but we build up slowly, so that your first bookings are only with our regular clients who we know are suitable company for inexperienced escorts.

Flexibility towards our high class escorts

It is not without reason that we talk about collaboration. We do this because there is no relationship of authority and we are therefore not your boss. You are the boss and we have organized our working method in such a way that there is room for this. With the team we work with and who support us in, for example, legal and IT areas, this is easier to achieve as a larger escort service than when you are dealing with a smaller escort service with less experience. As an escort, you therefore decide when you want to do bookings, where and for how long, what minimum booking duration you want to use per travel distance, how much notice you need, but also the most important thing; what you do during the booking. We do not make any promises to clients about specific erotic acts because you decide what you do and do not want to do during the booking. You also decide (within reason) what you wear to bookings and you do not have to immediately invest in expensive clothing and lingerie. If you absolutely did not feel a connection with a client, you can refuse them for follow-up bookings and if you do not wish to see clients over 67 years old or with a physical disability, then that is also fine. Do you want to take a break for a few months to travel the world? No problem. As said; you're the boss.

Innovative mindset

Due to our experience and size, we have completely mastered the basics of running a high class escort service. This gives time and space to develop new concepts and think innovatively. The Virgin Experience, a filter to select escorts, online availability of the escorts, various matchmaking options and a Privacy Statement are examples of things that we were the first to introduce. We recently published a Consent Policy and continue to work on new concepts.

Sharing is caring

Last but not least; Since our founding in 2006, we have built up something beautiful that we would like to share with the escorts. This includes use of our real estate, boats, a shared car, purchasing accounts with other companies and a large network of experts in various fields. Sharing is caring, right?


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