The face behind Society Service

My name is Marike van der Velden and I am your matchmaker, partner in crime, facilitator and confidant. At the age of 21, I founded Society Service with a very clear goal in mind: to run the very best escort service in the Netherlands in a fair, fully legal and transparent manner. I want to offer a special and intimate experience that both the escort and the client enjoy and that goes well beyond the erotic aspect. I tell you more about Society Service and what my company stands for here. Below I would like to introduce myself as your mediator.

In order to find a good match for you, I ask for a lot of personal information. It therefore seems only fair that I also share something personal about myself, despite the fact that a businesslike and professional approach is my preference. If you ever speak to one of my best friends, they will tell you that I am sweet, generous, intelligent and helpful. The people I do business with will add that I am also very reliable and pragmatic. I am now almost 40 and have gotten to know myself quite well over the years. I know where my talents lie and how to use them to the fullest, but I am also aware that I am far from perfect.

I work hard, a lot and with pleasure. Although I am generally risk-averse and like stability and clarity, entrepreneurship suits me very well. Almost every day I feel challenged and valued in my work, which gives me a very fulfilled feeling. When I'm not working I like to spend time with my friends or partner while enjoying something nice to eat and drink. I like to cook that myself just as much as I enjoy visiting gourmet restaurants. Being an introvert, I prefer smaller groups over crowded parties. In addition, I play the piano, ride a motorcycle, go boating, do powerlifting and I make a few nice long trips every year. So it may just be that I answer your email or phone call from a tropical island, African safari or historic temple complex. Or in the hardware store, because I can also be found there regularly for a job around the house.

Managing expectations and honesty

As a client you can expect me to always be transparent, open, honest and typically Dutch "straight forward". Expectation management is important to me. I never want to make false promises or sell excuses. You can always expect the truth from me, no matter how blunt it may sometimes be. For the same reason, I will not promise that certain requests will be honored, only that I will communicate them to your escort. It is ultimately up to the escort to what extent this is implemented and in what way. That may sound unreasonable at first glance, after all, you pay a hefty rate for your booking, but this approach is crucial in achieving the superlative experience that both you and the escort are looking for.

I rather decline a booking request if in advance it's appearant that the experience for the client or escort is not going to be amazing. Neither do I have any interest in providing a mere sexual service or mediocre experience and have no financial necessity to accept every booking blindly. But I prefer not to say 'no' when a potential client inquires about something that I cannot provide but would like to provide. That stimulates my entrepreneurial spirit and I will then use all available recources to be able to say yes next time. I love to challenge and improve myself and very much value feedback from clients.

Personal vs professional

Society Service's clients come from very different backgrounds; everyone is unique in terms of working field, nationality, age, wealth, experience and in every other possible way. As much as I'd love to offer every client that 'personal experience', as commonly used in sales pitches, the reality is different. Every day I process at least 200 messages from clients and thousands of people visit the website. In order to provide them all with an answer as quickly as possible, it is necessary to organize certain matters in a more general, and therefore more impersonal, way. That has advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that I run a very professional organization and everything is very well organized. The biggest disadvantage is that this may come across less warm and cordial than how my friends know me.

Despite this professional approach, there is also a lot of feeling involved in two important tasks as a mediator. This is particularly important when it comes to matchmaking and our relationship of trust. I personally know all the escorts I work with and can make an honest and great assessment of which escorts are the best match for a particular client and/or situation. I strongly advise you to rely on my expertise in this, I will not disappoint you. I will also never disappoint you by violating our relationship of trust. Not only your personal data but also your secrets are safe with me.