What our high end escorts do not appreciate

What our high end escorts do not appreciate

What our high-end escorts do not appreciate about clients

In our previous blog we already told you what our high-end escorts really appreciate about clients. However, as expected, during the training day a number of things were mentioned by our high end escorts that they do not like. Of course some things are very personal but there were a number of recurring matters that we would like to discuss with you.

While enjoying a nice lunch, our escorts discussed what they encountered during their work. In addition to the many things that they really enjoy about working as a high-end escort, there were also downsides. In this blog we will discuss the main areas for improvement.

Rushing towards the erotic aspect of a booking

Our high end escorts are in complete agreement; a client who is too hasty and wants to quickly switch to the erotic aspect of a booking is not pleasant. With our high end escort service we offer a special and intimate experience, where eroticism is one part but not the only part. By wanting to switch to the erotic aspect too quickly, you are not only doing the escort a disservice, but also yourself. After all, your booking will be limited to an erotic service, instead of a special experience. You give the escort the feeling that you do not find her interesting as a person and that you are only interested in eroticism. In addition, this also ensures that the escort goes from 'sharing something special together' to 'protecting boundaries and slowing you down'. We probably don't need to explain to you that all this doesn't work in your favor. So take your time and let the escort make the first move towards a more erotic setting. You will both reap the benefits of that, promise!

Wining and dining with the high end escort

Your high end escort would like to get to know you while enjoying something delicious to eat and drink. Even if you haven't booked a Dinner Date, there will come a time when the escort will get hungry. Ask yourself how your mood is when you are hungry... Therefore make sure that you also have something tasty to eat for the escort with Standard Bookings and a breakfast (in bed) when you spend the night with your escort. Keep in mind that tastes differ, so provide a number of options from which the escort can choose.

Not aware of personal care

Our high-end escorts are generally very satisfied with the personal care of clients, but there are two areas where there is still room for improvement. First of all, oral hygiene sometimes lags a bit behind. This while deep French kissing can be so wonderful. So always brush your teeth before the start of your booking and do not forget to brush your tongue, most odors come from there. Secondly, our escorts notice that many clients do not depilate the pubic area. Completely bare from the anus to the penis is preferred, but a good trim is also appreciated. The less hair, the better your escort can (and will) reach...

Grumbling about how expensive it is

Booking a high-end escort is certainly not a necessity that you have to provide. It is a luxury that you allow yourself. Don't shortchange the experience by whining about 'how expensive it is' and 'how little money you have'. That will make the escort feel like she is not worth it and the escort will not feel sorry for you. So keep such comments to yourself.

Nagging about (oral) sex without a condom

Despite the fact that we are so clear about it on our website, clients regularly ask the escort to have sex without a condom, especially oral sex without a condom. If the escort has already indicated several times that she does not (want to) offer this, sometimes an attempt is even made to bribe her. This is a direct insult to the escort, who from then on becomes especially alert to protecting personal boundaries and therefore enjoys your time together significantly less. You understand that this also has consequences for the pleasure you experience during the booking.

Erotic improvement points

Many things in the erotic field involve skills where practice makes perfect. Our high-end escorts are happy to go on a journey of discovery with you what you both enjoy to share with each other. By being open towards each other, taking feedback to heart and not pushing boundaries, you will both be able to enjoy the eroticism you share. However, what destroys a nice experience is when the escort has to lecture you about the importance of safe sex. Never switch from anal to vaginal contact without washing well and/or changing condoms. Last but not least; spoil each other with long foreplay, which is fun for both you and the escort!


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