What our high end escorts do appreciate

What our high end escorts do appreciate

What our high-end escorts appreciate extra about clients

Every year we try to organize several training days for our high-end escorts, but the now much-discussed pandemic threw a spanner in the works. Yet it is finally that time again; a training day is planned. We will update the knowledge of our high end escorts in the field of Erotic Massage and BDSM.

During lunch, a survey usually takes place, during which our escorts can exchange experiences with their fellow escorts about extra fun or less fun aspects of their adventures as high-end escorts. This invariably discusses how to deal with the things that they do not like about clients. Of course we will share these with you in our next blog, but to start the tone a bit more positively, we would also like to tell you what our high-end escorts do appreciate.

Make a good first impression

"A good start is half done" is a saying that applies in many situations and as far as we are concerned also with an escort booking. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so ideally you make a good impression right away. A warm welcome is always a nice start to a booking and this is how our escorts prefer to be welcomed; "When I knock on your door, open up and step aside so I can come in. When the door is closed again behind me, give me a second to put down my bag and take of my coat. Every lady loves a true gentleman so I'd really appreciate it if you take my coat and hang it somewhere neatly. When that's been arranged, tell me your name and I'll give you three kisses and tell you mine. The Dutch do three kisses instead of two and I think kisses are more suitable for the occasion than a firm handshake. After that please hand me the envelope and give me a minute of privacy to contact the agency. When that's done we can start our date off in a relaxed manner."

Clean, cleaner, cleanest

Whether you receive the high-end escort in the presidential suite of a five star hotel or in a modest starter home, make sure it is clean and tidy; "When I enter and see an unmade bed, the dishes from the previous day and a pile of laundry, I feel a lot less welcome than when the candles are lit with a sultry music plays in the background." Care and hygiene do not only apply to the location, but also to you personally; "I really enjoy dressing up for a booking and I really appreciate it when my client has clearly made an effort to look nice as well. When I see a nice outfit and a subtle eau de toilette welcomes me, then I'm completely happy."

Give your high end escort a (small) gift

Gifts come in many shapes and sizes. Giving a compliment can also be a special gift. It makes your high end escort feel like she is your sexy goddess. If you would like to give something, it does not have to be a huge diamond. Some flowers are also very much appreciated; "To me, getting flowers is a timeless, romantic gesture that I really appreciate. It may sound corny, but flowers make me feel welcome and that someone has been looking forward to our date, just like myself. It shows that you are probably a real gentleman and not only wanting to have a nice date yourself, but also take care of me. A fresh bouquet of fragrant flowers is beautiful and can be just that extra touch!"

Take your time for each other

With the above tips, your booking will get off to a flying start. Of course we have put a number of tips in ourhigh end Escort Etiquette for the continuation of your booking. The most important thing here, however, is that you take the time for your high-end escort. Enjoy the time you spend together, show genuine interest in the other person and realize that building an intimate connection outside of the bedroom can make the difference between a good time together and a special experience beyond your wildest dreams.


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