The complains of our escorts on their clients

The complains of our escorts on their clients

Major complains on clients by our escorts

In our previous blog we told you a bit more about our most recent training day. During this day we discussed the major complains our high class escorts and gigolos have about clients. Basically, what not to do during bookings. Our Escort Etiquette can be found on our website, which tells you what to do and what not to do when booking a high class escort. But unfortunately not all clients read our Escort Etiquette, or neglect the advice that can be found in it. That's unfortunate, for both the escort as well as the client. After all, a client who pays as much attention to the enjoyment of the high class escort as his own enjoyment will have a far better experience than a client who doesn't.

What not to do with our high class escorts

We asked our escorts and gigolos what they would like to see differently with clients. Fortunately the feedback on the majority of bookings is very positive and our escorts and gigolos have just as much fun as clients during bookings. Yet there are some recurring things that annoy them with some clients. The main irritation points of our escorts about clients are:

  • Complaining about rates and conditions. After all, the rates are clear and any concerns about rates can be discussed with our escort agency, not the escort. Whining about rates suggests that the escort is not worth it and that is an outright insult.

  • Asking about unsafe sex. Unfortunately, it still happens that clients ask for (oral) sex without a condom. It is not allowed and is not possible, even if it is requested for the umpteenth time, and certainly not if extra money is offered for it; after all, the limits of our escorts are not purchasable.

  • The client did not read the profile carefully. Useful practical items such as favorite drinks can be found in the profile. But erotic preferences are also included, and that's for a reason. Asking for a preference that you can know in advance the escort is not open for is not appreciated.

  • The client has paid too little attention to personal hygiene. Incomprehensible, since you know how intimate the evening is likely going to be. For motivation; this intimacy is directly related to your personal hygiene. The worse the hygiene, the less intimacy. That seems reason enough to me.

  • The client does not take the time to get to know the escort outside the bedroom. In accordance with our Terms and Conditions, a client must take at least the first half hour of the booking for an introduction outside the bedroom. A pleasant client gives the escort the feeling that the part outside the bedroom is just as important as what follows. An annoying client gives the escort the feeling that he has no interest in her as a person and only wants eroticism. Unfortunately, the latter is not a service that we offer. Such a client would therefore be wise to book with an escort service that does offer a purely sexual service.

  • Asking for contact details and real name. The escort chooses to be represented by us for a reason. She is a trustworthy person who respects our agreements. And... she knows you are only asking for her contact details because you want more for less. So don't.

  • Being indiscreet. The majority of our bookings take place in Amsterdam, which also happens to be where the majority of our high class escorts is from. It is therefore of great importance you remain discreet when in public, like two close friends or colleagues out for dinner. And by all means, when you run into a person she knows, let her do all the talking and excuse yourself as soon as possible to the restroom.

  • Stealing pictures from the Member Area. When access to our Member Area is granted, it is a privilege, a special trust is installed with you. Do not abuse this trust by ripping pictures from our Member Area, making print screens of them or using them for "personal enjoyment outside bookings". It invades the privacy of the escort and you'll be kicked out when we find out.

We trust that the vast majority of our clients would never think of doing any of the things mentioned above. In general, our clients are described as perfect gentlemen by our high class escorts. They invest in creating a special experience as much as our high class escorts do and this results in amazing experiences for both escorts and clients. Just the way we intended!