What not to consume prior to your escort booking

What not to consume prior to your escort booking

Our high class escorts give advice on what not to consume

Do you have a booking with an high class escort scheduled? How nice! With our high class escorts, the preparation for this is a combination of preparation per booking and constant 'maintenance'. For example, the escort will always ensure that hands, feet, hair and skin are cared for and the escort regularly sports to keep the body in shape.

Prior to the booking, the escort takes care of 'the finishing touch', by taking an extensive shower, bathing and making herself the most beautiful for the upcoming booking. But the escort also takes into account what they still consume prior to the booking. This is also expected of clients and our escorts advise you on what not to consume prior to your booking.

Smoking cigarettes and cigars

Well, this probably won't come as a surprise; our non-smoking escorts do not appreciate it when a client smokes shortly before or during the booking. Some escorts will then not accept the booking in its entirety and will state 'non-smoker' in their profile. If it says 'tolerant non-smoker', the escort will accept clients who smoke, but please don't smoke just before and during the booking. Our escorts who do smoke themselves will not do so just before or during the booking. With good oral hygiene and fresh clothing, the odor can be significantly reduced. But if you regularly smoke cigars, this cannot be limited. Even if you maintain the very best (oral) hygiene, the strong smell of cigars will linger. You should then take into account that your escort will probably not want to (French) kiss you.

Drug use during your escort booking

Fortunately, the use of drugs before and during escort bookings hardly occurs. And for good reason; drug use will not improve your escort experience. The most likely consequence is that the escort's experience only gets worse because drug use blurs your thoughts and boundaries and it is therefore more difficult, if not impossible, for the escort to build a genuine connection with you. The most urgent advice our escorts want to give you is not to consume (soft) drugs before or during your booking.

Specific foods

When you think of specific foods, the first thing you probably think of is garlic. And rightly so, because it is well known that garlic has a bad effect on your breath. But other foods can also have this effect, so it's very important that you maintain excellent oral hygiene no matter what you've eaten. Our escorts advise you not only to take into account the effect of food on your breath, but also the effect on your bowel movements. For example, dishes with a lot of mushrooms, onions and beans can cause extra gas formation. Spicy and very fatty food can cause irregular bowel movements. Such things are not desirable during your romantic escort booking so try to take this into account if possible.


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