Favorite drinks of our high class escorts

Favorite drinks of our high class escorts

Our high class escorts tell us about their favorite drinks

In our previous blog, our high class escorts already told us about which snacks they prefer to eat during a booking. Of course we also asked about the favorite drinks of our high class escorts in the survey. We tell you more about that in this blog.

Contrary to snacks, our high class escorts' drink preferences do not differ per time of the day. With a single exception; our escorts do not enjoy alcoholic drinks in the morning, but prefer to drink a cup of (fresh mint) tea, fruit juice or (sparkling) water.

Favorite non alcoholic drinks of our escorts

Some of our escorts never drink alcohol. However, even if the escort enjoys an alcoholic drink, it is best to accompany it with a non-alcoholic drink. The majority of our escorts prefer (sparkling) water, followed by a cup of tea or a mocktail. Our escorts are less fond of (light) soft drinks and alcohol substitutes such as 0.0 beer and non-alcoholic wine.

Favorite wines of our high class escorts

The profile of the escort usually states whether champagne, red wine or white wine is preferred. If only 'wine' is mentioned, the escort has no preference. In the survey we asked the escorts what kind of wine they prefer. Our escorts enjoy a dry sparkling wine, such as brut champagne or cava, the most. Least enjoyed are sweet wines, such as nectar/demi-sec champagne and dessert wines. Rose wine is also not preferred.

After sparkling wine, a good glass of white or red wine is preferred. More escorts opt for white wine than red wine. If you treat the escort to a white wine, preferably a fresh (sauvignon blanc, riesling) or full (chardonnay, viognier) white wine and not a fruity wine. If you prefer to serve a good glass of red, please provide a smooth red wine, such as merlot or cabernet sauvignon. Significantly fewer escorts appreciate a fruity or strong red wine.

Other drinks for our high class escorts

Instead of a glass of (sparkling) wine, our escorts also enjoy cocktails from time to time. Preferably a fruity cocktail or gin and tonic. Although you do our gigolos a favor with a (special) beer, this does not apply to the female escort. They don't like beer or spirits. The only exception is a glass of malt whiskey, which some of our escorts can appreciate from time to time.


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