At our escortservice we have a no-drugs policy

At our escortservice we have a no-drugs policy

Using drugs during a booking with a high class escort

Despite our strict no-drugs- policy, every now and then clients choose to use drugs during bookings. As per our terms and conditions, the escort is free to leave the booking if the client wants to use drugs, without refund. Having said that, not all escorts will terminate the booking, but this highly depends on her, how you behave and the type of drugs you are using. Escorts that never tolerate any drugs during the booking, have listed drugs as a dislike in their profile.

Let us discuss some types of drugs that clients sometimes use when spending time with one of our high class escorts. Needless to say, we recommend, and always have done so, to not use any drugs during your booking. Enjoy the experience "au naturel", and not under influence!


Yes, alcohol is a type of drug. It might be socially far more acceptable but that does not change the fact it is a drug. We see no problem in having a few drinks, most of our escorts are light social drinkers as well. They enjoy getting to know you over a glass of champagne or fine wine. A drink or two can make you feel relaxed, loosen you up a bit and can even work as an aphrodesiac. Heavy drinking however, is not okay. Inhibitions disappear when having too much alcohol, as does your ability to understand things. This can lead to you pushing or even crossing boundaries of the escort. Therefore, the escort will ask you to refrain from additional alcoholic drinks if she feels you have had enough to drink and leave the booking if you are drinking heavily. And keep in mind... Alcohol might get you in the mood for sex, but your performance will decrease. You will be unable to maintain an erection and reach orgasm.


Cannabis (or hemp, weed, thc, hash, mariuana, whatever you may call it) is legal in The Netherlands. You can buy and smoke it without breaking a law. But that doesn't mean you should, when you are with one of our high class escorts. First of all, it smells terrible. The escort can take her fresh outfit to the cleaners, as well as her coat and anything else that been in the same room. Chances are the hotel will kick you out, if you are smoking cannabis in one of their rooms, for the exact same reason. The scent will stain their curtains, bedlinnens and so on and the entire hallway will smell like cannabis. After using cannabis, you will feel very relaxed. So relaxed, you will not feel like moving, let alone having hot and steamy sex. Your appetite for junkfood is more likely to increase than your libido. And that would be the best case scenario. Worst case scenario is if the cannabis will result in a bad trip, making you feel sick, guilty and depressed. We do understand your desire to combine cannabis with sex, as it can make you more sensitive to physical stimulation. But unless you are an experienced user, who knows exactly what and how much to consume, we do strongly recommend refraining from cannabis before and during your booking. Stoned clients are described by our escorts as one of the worst type of clients.


If there is any drugs our escorts never complain about when their clients use it, it would be XTC and MDMA. Mostly because the escort usually can not tell if you've had any. It can be consumed prior to the booking without the escort noticing anything. If you are experienced with XTC, it can make you feel happy, energetic, like you are in love, cuddly, social, talkative and with less inhibitions. If clients use XTC, it is almost always couples who invite one of our high class escorts for a bisexual threesome. The drug enables them to enjoy each others' company to the max. If there is any downside, aside from those that are known with this drug, it could be that since the escort is not taking XTC, she will get tired and sleepy at a certain point, yet those on XTC are ready to go on for hours and hours. In very small doses, GHB might share some of the positive effects of XTC, but due to the risk of loosing conciousness and black-outs, and the image of it being a rape drug, this drug is not tolerated by our escorts.


The most common drug of choice among our clients is cocaine. Almost all escorts dislike clients using cocaine. The sight of him snoring up something up his nose is not very romantic. It might make you feel confident and excited but the escort will most likely perceive you as arrogant, only talking about yourself, not taking an interest in her. Your libido will increase but your erection will not. The escort will experience you as emotionally disconnected, selfish, running back and forward for an other hit, and expecting her to bring back life to your penis. Which will not come back to life, by the way, no matter what she tries. In short; cocaine will make sure you will not be experiencing a Girlfriend Experience, so better not use any during your booking. Clients using cocaine in other ways than snoring it (such as smoking it) are always declined, the escort will leave the booking without refund.

Speed, LSD, methadon, heroine and other hard drugs

We can be very brief about this; using these drugs is not tolerated before or during your booking. The escort will immediately leave the booking without refund.


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