The Caviar Experience

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Booking an high class escort is already a luxury on its own. But combined with our Caviar Experience, this luxury is lifted to a whole other level. You can read more about our Caviar Experience here. In the meanwhile, we have some interesting facts about Caviar:

  • Caviar is an über food. It has more minerals and nutrients that any other protein. Although a spoonful of caviar supplies the adult daily requirement of vitamin B12, it is also high in cholesterol and salt.

  • Did you know the word caviar did not originate from Russia? Russians call it ikra but caviar itself hails from the Turkish havyar which comes from khayah, the Persian word for egg.

  • In order not to adversely affect the flavor, the caviar may not come into contact with metal species. A glass, gold, pearl or ivory spoon is ideal.

  • The highest quality of Beluga caviar is called Almas, which means “diamond” in Russian. It is sold only by London’s Caviar House and is packaged in a round, 24 karat gold box, costing around 40,000 euros per kilo.

  • The four main types of caviar are BelugaSterletOssetra, and Sevruga.

  • During the Middle Ages in Russia, the consumption of caviar was reserved for the upper classes, who ate caviar as a substitute for meat on fast days, because the Russian Orthodox Church allowed eating caviar.

  • To determine whether the caviar is fresh, you smell your hand after enjoying the caviar from it. It should be odorless. In other words, the caviar should not leave a fishy aftertaste on your hand.

  • According to legend, one of Jackie O’s diets consisted of a single baked potato, stuffed with Beluga caviar and sour cream.

  • The British Royal family has held a long affinity with the sturgeon since 1324, when Edward II decreed it a Royal Fish, whereby all sturgeons found within the foreshore of the Kingdom are decreed property of the monarch.

  • The finest, most expensive caviars are older, larger eggs that are lighter in color. Lower quality caviar is younger, with a less intensely fishy flavor, and darker in color.

  • The first people to eat caviar where the Persians, who believed the caviar would increase their endurance. Caviar can be seen as a natural Viagra. Caviar contains high levels of taurine, a natural stimulant, and arginine, a vasodilator that opens up blood vessels.

  • There are also kosher and vegan caviar substitutes made of seaweeds. They closely resemble Beluga Caviar in appearance and are either used as a food prop for television and film, or enjoyed by vegetarians and other people throughout the world.

  • It can take anywhere from eight to 18 years for the sturgeon to produce mature eggs that are large enough for caviar harvesting.