The best and worst questions to ask your high class escort

The best and worst questions to ask your high class escort

The best and worst questions to ask your high class escort

When engaging with a high-class escort, the right questions can enhance your experience and create a meaningful connection. However, even with the best intentions, some questions might come across as intrusive or inappropriate. Here’s a guide on what to ask and what to avoid to ensure a respectful and enjoyable interaction.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure a respectful and enjoyable interaction that enhances the experience for both you and your high-class escort. Respect, openness, and genuine interest in each other’s lives can lead to enriching conversations and memorable encounters.

Questions that are appreciated:

Personal interests and hobbies: Escorts enjoy discussing their hobbies and interests, such as travel, sports, and passions. Asking about these topics can lead to engaging conversations. For example, you might ask, "What are your favorite hobbies?" or "Have you traveled to any interesting places recently?" Discussing sports they enjoy is also a good topic, like asking, "What sports do you enjoy?" Engage in conversations that are mutually interesting and enjoyable.

Professional background: Some clients have fascinating careers. Sharing your own professional experiences and asking about theirs can be very engaging. You could ask, "What inspired you to pursue your current career?" or "Where do you see yourself in ten years?"

Life experiences and passions: Exchanging life experiences and asking for advice can lead to deep and meaningful conversations. Consider asking, "What life experiences have shaped who you are today?" Discussing ambitions and what makes your heart beat faster can be very connecting. Questions like "What are your biggest dreams and ambitions?" or "What are you passionate about?" can lead to enriching discussions.

Open conversations: Creating an open, judgment-free space for conversation is appreciated. As long as the exchange is mutual, any topic can be enjoyable. You might say, "Is there anything you love talking about?" or "What makes you feel excited and alive?" Frame your questions in a way that shows genuine curiosity without judgment.

Questions to avoid:

Colleagues and agency: Avoid sharing information about other escorts you have seen, as this invades their privacy. However, you are welcome to ask which escorts are among your escort's favorites for a duo. Questions about the agency and how things are handled can also make the escort uncomfortable. Complaints about the agency can be especially off-putting, as they might indicate you have been problematic in the past.

Personal identifying information: Questions about real names, specific locations, or personal details are intrusive. For instance, avoid asking, "What’s your real name?" or "Where exactly do you live?" or "What neighborhood do you work out in?" Keep the conversation light and engaging without prying into deeply personal matters unless the escort voluntarily shares. If an escort sets a boundary or seems uncomfortable with a topic, respect their limits and change the subject.

Financial and work details: Questions about earnings, booking frequency, or why the escort chose this profession can be uncomfortable and intrusive. It’s best not to ask, "How much do you earn?" or "How many bookings do you have per week?" These questions are mood killers and emphasize the business aspect of the booking, while it’s more enjoyable to focus on the romantic side.

Relationships and family: Personal questions about relationships, family, or future plans (like having children) should be avoided unless the escort brings them up first. Questions like "Do you have a partner?" or "Do you want kids someday?" or "How does your family feel about your job?" can feel too personal.

Other clients: Avoid asking about other clients, their experiences, or any comparisons. For example, "How do you handle certain types of clients?" or "What are other clients like?" or "Have you had any bad experiences?" are questions that should be left unasked. It's best to focus on each other and create an intimate bubble for you and your high-class escort to enjoy for a while.


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