Sexy trends for escorts

The most sexy trends of 2015 for our high class escorts

Every now and then, a story reaches us of a new trend that we love so much, we share it amongst our escorts to read up on or even try. Here are a few of the 2015 trends that caught our attention.


With Fifty Shades of Grey still on the best sellers list, the results go beyond several spinoffs, from a movie to sex toys and lingerie. The book has created more curiosity and awareness for the mysterious world of bondage, domination and submission. Lucky for our clients, some of our escorts enjoyed our annual BDSM training just last august and they are more than happy to practice on/with you.

Pubes are making a comeback

After years and years of the Brazilian wax being the dominant trend, apparently, the full bush is back in style. Some women are now skipping the full Brazilian and opting for a "full bush Brazilian". The full-bush Brazilian involves removing all hair from the labia and butt crack while leaving the top untouched. It allows ladies to sport the “all natural” look while indulging in the grooming routines hard-core-hippies have long rejected. But what's being dubbed a trend may actually be nothing new: polls have found that women who keep things natural with their "down there" hair are actually in the majority. And despite porn's influence, apparently, most men report being into it.

Long distance romance

Several toys and apps are now available to share some hot and steamy moments when you are not literally together. Sending each other naughty messages turned into naughty pictures. But now we can actually send each other kisses with The Kissenger, a kissing robot, or have sex with The Kiiroo. I wonder... how long will it be until our website requires an Oculus Rift for the Virtual Reality version of our website?

Lingerie trends

Innovative lingerie has become a trend in of itself. There is no one brand for sexy, and with so many new lingerie lines out, there really is something for everyone. You can bring your fashion sense to your undergarments, because all-frilly everything isn't the only norm anymore. Now, lingerie can be worn as outerwear, isn't only made from lace and silk and sexy lines exclusively for men exist. The days of bustiers and fishnets are over. That is, if you want them to be!

I am curious what's in store for us for 2016. We've heard many rumors about a revolutionary new condom being brought to market. Even after lots of practice, it remains a challenge to put on a condom without it being an interruption, or even some hassle. But since our high class escorts provide only safe sex, using a condom remains necessary. But help is on the way. A fluid latex-rubber can be sprayed on an erect penis for a tailor-made condom, for optimal protection and optimal pleasure. The Spray On Condom. We will keep you updated!