Watch your escort in luxurious lingerie at the Lingerie Experience

Luxurious lingerie is not only enjoyed by men, it most certainly is as well by women. Some of our escorts own such an extensive lingerie collection and have an intense desire for it, which made us decide to offer you the Lingerie Experience.

During this experience the escort will bring at least 3 sets of her favorite luxurious lingerie, in which she feels at her most beautiful. You can watch her change into them and of course help her undress. Your very own lingerie show by a stunning escort. It is like a dream come true to watch a woman in luxurious lingerie, and a fantasy come true to have the opportunity to undress her afterwards.

There is no surcharge for this extra service, but a tip for the extra efforts and preparation time will always be appreciated by your escort.

Luxurious boutique in Amsterdam

On special request, we can arrange for a luxurious Amsterdam lingerie boutique to make part of their boutique exclusively available to you and your escort. She can try on different pieces while enjoying a glass of champagne and you being the judge of what looks best on her. You can purchase your favorite set for her, to enjoy later at the privacy of your hotel room. Watch the french lace and silk on the body of a gorgeous woman… what more need we say?