Roleplay suggestions to do with your escort

Roleplay suggestions to do with your escort

Five exciting roleplays with your high class escort

Have you booked a Girlfriend Experience with a high class escort from Society Service and are you looking to provide an exciting twist to your intimate get-together? Then pretend to be someone else and play a sexy role play! The escort ladies of Society Service have so much imagination that they can make almost any fantasy come true. What fantasies that can be? What about these five...

Nurse and patient role play with your high class escort

Although you are a patient, no one needs to feel sorry for you. On the contrary! Wrapped in a latex nurse suit, the high class escort from Society Service will take great care of you and examine your body from head to toe. Of course you can also reverse the roles. In that case you take on the role of doctor, whereby you then subject the dazzling escort lady of Society Service to a thorough physical examination. Hereby you proceed so carefully that you really do not skip any part of her body.

Guardian and prisoner role play with your high class escort

Imagine: you are a jailer and you have to keep watch at night in front of a cell where a high class escort from Society Service just happens to be locked up. She has been arrested for indecent conduct in public. Wouldn't it be very tempting to look at how she is doing every now and then? As you look at her like this, you wonder: Hasn't she deserved a bit more punishment? You grab your handcuffs and walk into the cell. What happens next is not hard to predict...

Teacher and student role play with your high class escort

Who has not fantasized in the past about a scene where you had detention and had to stay behind in class with your sexy teacher? It is the ultimate scene to play with an escort lady from Society Service. Detention has never been so much fun. This classic role play is also easily reversible. In that case you play the strict professor who, after class has finished, has to deal with a rude but extremely attractive student, who also happens to be dressed in an extremely sexy schoolgirl uniform. The question that remains is: do you just let her write penalty rules or do you have anything else for her in store?

Chambermaid and hotel guest role play with your high class escort

Imagine this: you are lying on the bed of your hotel room in a strange city and suddenly the door opens. Unsuspectingly, a very sexy chambermaid enters the hotel room to change the towels. As she walks towards the bathroom, she suddenly sees you. She is shocked and immediately apologizes for disturbing you and wants to leave in a hurry. But that is not necessary. You invite her to continue her work and a sensual tension is in the air. The chambermaid becomes more and more diligent in her work and insists on extensively cleaning the bed as well. You are happy to help her along.

Secretary and boss role play with your high class escort

The administration is days behind and the paperwork is only increasing. It is high time for the secretary to be punished for this! As with many role-playing games, this is an eloquent example in which one exerts power over the helpless other. To make it even more exciting, this is perhaps the perfect moment to apply a little bondage. Do you not have any experience with bondage yet, but are you curious? In that case it is good to know that a large number of our escorts have the necessary experience to give an exciting introduction into this thrilling world of power and powerlessness.