Roleplay with a high class escort

Roleplay with a high class escort

A roleplay at our high class escortservice

The special requests of the clients of our high class escortservice are not limited to fetish and fantasy. A naughty roleplay is requested often as well. It can be great fun to pretend to be someone else for a little while. The client living on the Eindhoven countryside who wanted to roll around the hay with his "naughty farm girl". Of the client in Amsterdam who had fantasized for years about the ladies in the gym, and how he would make them sweat as their personal trainer. Or the client in Rotterdam, who had fantasized about playing doctor ever since his last visit to the hospital. Just to name a few naughty examples. But not only our clients have a roleplay fantasy, many of our high class escorts do as well. A few of them tell us a little bit more about it.

Escort Lynn from Amsterdam is your naughty secretary during a roleplay

In this role play my client played my boss and I was his naughty secretary. I was dressed in short skirt, sexy blouse, stockings and high heels and my boss in a suit. After a long day at work, he sent all his employees home, he told me to stay to 'finish some things together'. He pushed me gently on the office chair and asked me to open the bottom drawer of my desk. The cleaning lady had told him that I stored some things over there that had nothing to do with our work ... With red cheeks I opened my drawer with sex toys. But then I saw the sparkle in my boss's eyes and felt that he already started to undress me with his eyes. I took the handcuffs from my drawer and fastened my curious boss to the office chair. Then I slowly undressed myself and rubbed my body in with oil while he was watching. I told him first to watch how "his girl" spoiled herself and that afterwards he might be allowed to spoil me as well. With my body shimmering from the oil I went to bed, positioned so he could see me well. I started to gently touch my body while I give him a naughty smile. My vibrator was already next to me for some more fun later on... It was a wonderful intimate evening together!

Escort Sienna from Utrecht likes a roleplay as a dominant police officer

Nothing more exciting than an kinky role play. I love to take the role of your nurse, secretary or policewoman. I think the nicest thing is if you stuggle a bit against it, because it is really impossible what we do. You will definately surrender during a physical examination, a meeting about the notes of the meeting or when I question you with handcuffs. Another role play in mind? I am in!

Escort Rose from Rotterdam wants to be your naughty French maid

As a high class escort I find it super exciting to do a role play with my date. If it was up to me I would buy all kinds of sexy outfits so I can do all types of different role plays. The role play I had the most fun with was that of being a naughty French maid. I dressed up in a French maid dress and knocked on the door of the hotel room. When my date opened the door he saw me in a very tiny dress with suspenders and I asked him if I could clean his room. Once inside I started to dust of some things while bending over so he could just get a glimpse of my round booty. When I was done with the room I asked him if I could dust his body off somewhere. We had an amazing night together. The role play that I still want to do is that of a sexy nurse. I would want to enter the bedroom in my see-through nurse outfit while my date is lying on the bed. Then I would want to investigate is whole body with my hands to find out if something is wrong with him. And if he does not feel right somewhere I want to give him “a special treatment” to make him feel better and give him the night of his dreams.

Escort Alice from Amsterdam wants a roleplay with her teacher

Fantasies are a wonderful thing and roleplay is the perfect way to experience your naughty thoughts. Maybe you are dreaming about your secretary, nurse or flight attendant but you are too shy to seduce her in real life. That's where I come in, we can pretend that I am her and play out the situation just as you imagined it. For me the fun begins with dressing up. I absolutely adore rollplay costumes and can't wait to see what naughty outfit you have in mind for me. One of my fantasies is seducing a professor and having a secret little rendez-vous in one of the classrooms. Maybe we can play that out sometime?

Escort Alexis from Rotterdam enjoys cosplay

Every now and then I like to enjoy a little cosplay. That's roleplay with specific characters for example from movies, video games or comic books. During the best role play I've ever done, I was dressed up as Lara Croft from Tomb Raider. I'm a little bit of a sucker for that game and I think Lara Croft is unbelievably sexy! Being dressed up like her made me feel very excited and a little bit naughty. Just like her, I wore my hair in the iconic braid and had (fake) pistols strapped to my hips. I was ready for my wild adventure! Lara is a powerful woman and appreciates the company of a strong man. But be careful, she also enjoys taking over a naughty villain... Another fantasy I would love to play out is inspired by Game of Thrones. I like to daydream about dressing up as Daenerys Targaryen, complete with blonde wig and blue cape. As Daenerys I long to drink wine in my castle and ride a dragon, or perhaps ride something else... Games are best played together, will you be my Jon Snow?

Escort Abby from Utrecht is a naughty schoolgirl

I have some experience with role playing, but not nearly as much as I would like. There is still so much I want to try. I look forward to meeting persons wanting to experience this with me. My favorite role playing scenario so far would be the naughty school girl. I love putting on my short skirt and sexy glasses, and you could be a school friend or my teacher. A role playing scenario I would like to try when knowing someone a bit better, is to pretend to be meet each other for the first time with entirely different personalities and characters, but add a twist to it, such as having another person join in who is unaware. The thought of discussing our roles and the scenarios we want to play excites me. We can get creative with it! That is what I love about role playing, there is a vast amount of sexy scenarios we can try. Anything can be discussed, an aspect of role playing I very much like. Who knows, maybe we will be doing that in the not too distant future.