Our naughty high class escorts

Our naughty high class escorts

Our high class escorts and the police

After two blogs with heavier topics, we thought it was time for a lighter topic. We asked our naughty escorts: "If you ever got into trouble with the police, why would this be?" This was followed by a number of very nice answers, which we would like to share with you. You be the judge; which of our escorts is the naughtiest?

High class escort Dalia joins a protest protest

If I came into contact with the police… "It would be because I am blocking a highway! Soon I will participate in a demonstration for the first time. Have we previously met, you know that I have a lot of passion for the ups and downs of the planet! Even if that demands (peaceful) tougher action. And, as you may also know, I'm not averse to being handcuffed… An arrest is lurking, and is almost inevitable. Nevertheless, I am very much looking forward to this action, together with my fellow rebels. As a loyal activist, it is time to turn words into deeds. And for that I am willing to be transported by a bunch of men and women in uniform…"

Escort Taylor will be arrested for indecent behavior

It should be clear that escort Taylor is open-minded. This naughty lady tells… "If I were to come into contact with the police, it will undoubtedly be for indecent behavior. I am very open-minded and like to experiment, including with exhibitionism. When I am lying naked in the sun at home in my garden, I fantasize I how my pretty neighbor secretly spies on me, but that's in my own garden. I can just imagine a situation where I (or we…) are handcuffed for misbehaving in a public place. Until then I'll probably be happy to handcuff you, I'd love to teach you a lesson because you were so naughty!"

Roleplay with escort Charlie as an undercover agent

Charlie likes to role-play from time to time and is very creative as your very own undercover agent. She fantasizes aloud… "I often come into contact with the police, but I can't tell you much about it. I work as an undercover agent. Thanks to my adaptability, this position suits me perfectly. I observe secretly and nothing goes past around me, no detail goes unnoticed. Like a chameleon, I adapt to any situation and can be anything you want. I am discreet in my movements but know how to stand out for the right people. I catch your eye, flirt innocently with my eyes and without you realizing it I have become part of your life. Without a doubt I fit right in here. We take our time, enjoy each other's company and just when you start to feel almost too comfortable with me I'm gone again. Like a thief in the night I leave you to only dream of me. Who knows maybe our paths will cross again, but who will I be?"

High class escort Sophie is a true speedster

Although Sophie has a very feminine appearance, she loves cool and fast cars… and driving fast! "If I came into contact with the police, it is almost inevitable that they would stop me because I drove too fast. I know… it is not allowed and it should not be doing it… but I must confess that on occasion I give the accelerator a little extra push. What seems absolutely fantastic to me is to go racing on the Zandvoort circuit, or to visit the Grand Prix in Monaco."


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