New photos and new breasts for escort Luna

New photos and new breasts for escort Luna

High class escort Luna has new breasts and they were photographed!

The observant visitor to our website may have already noticed; Luna has gone up a few cup sizes. Her long cherished wish for a fuller bust was finally fulfilled. After a very careful inspection of the new assets, we adjusted the current photos with a photo editing program, but that is of course far from ideal. That is why Luna's new bosom has now also been photographed.

At our escort service you can read in the profile of every high class escort whether her beauty is 100% natural, or whether she has given nature a helping hand. You will not find the "plastic fantastic" type at our escort service, but there are ladies who use the techniques that are now available to improve their appearance. You can think of fake nails and extra volume in the hair, but a breast augmentation also occurs regularly. Luna shares her experience.

My beautiful (new) breasts

"When I was seven years old I stood in the bathroom with my mother and I asked her, 'Mommy, where are your breasts?' My mother explained that every person was different and some would have big and some very small breasts. That I understood, but since that day I was hoping for big breasts myself. During puberty I saw girls around me who got bigger breasts, I thought they were beautiful. Mine soon stopped growing, and when my mom wasn't at home, I secretly took her bigger bras from the closet, stuffed them and admired myself in front of the mirror in the bigger bra.

My sister's breasts didn't really start growing until she was 19, so there was hope until I was 19. Unfortunately, in my early twenties I had to conclude that mine had not grown any further. Did that make me insecure? No absolutely not. Did I still want nice bigger breasts? Hell yes! After a thorough investigation into the procedure and which doctor I wanted, I thought during the Corona lockdown: this is the right time. My life motto is: you only live once so make the most of it. I like to spend my life with bigger boobs from now on.

Are you curious to see them? Do you want to enjoy them as well? Then I would like to spend some time with you to enjoy them together. Would you like to bring something to our date? New hot lingerie is always welcome ;-)  Kisses Luna"


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